Dustin McNeer Believes Exercise Can Improve Knee Arthritis Symptoms

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According to Dustin Mark McNeer, recent studies show that proper exercise can be beneficial to people who suffer from arthritis.

A common misconception about exercise is that it can make arthritis pain worse, especially for those that experience arthritis in their knees. However, certified personal trainer and nutritionist, Dustin Mark McNeer, reveals that recent studies have determined that the belief may be misguided. Exercise performed correctly may help to relieve arthritis symptoms while improving overall health and wellness.

The British Journal of Sports Medicine published a study in July of 2019, which spanned several countries and included approximately 2,000 participants. Everyone in the study either suffered from osteoarthritis or was identified to be at high risk for it. Activities ranged in timeframes and duration and included exercises in aquatics, cardio, and strength training. Dustin Mark McNeer notes that all biomarkers in knee cartilage thickness and inflammation remained consistent. Results showed that exercise lowered inflammation levels, improved strength, and increased flexibility in the participants.

Dustin Mark McNeer believes that people need to be better educated on the benefits of therapeutic exercise when it comes to knee osteoarthritis. Not only is it safe, but it may also improve cartilage composition over time. People no longer have to worry about exercise making their condition worse. The real threat is activity avoidance, which can lead to diabetes and stiff joints. Dustin Mark McNeer notes that people may experience temporary pain and inflammation from exercise initially. However, the pain will fade over time as an activity is increased gradually. A certified health and fitness professional will ensure you choose exercises that do not put unnecessary stress on joints.

Most people are surprised to find out that exercise significantly reduces inflammation, and quickly. As little as 20 minutes of moderate exercise can produce profound results. Dustin Mark McNeer notes that the key is to focus on strengthening muscles around the joints so they can be fully supported.

Those who are apprehensive should consider starting with low-impact activities in the water. Certified personal trainer, Dustin Mark McNeer, recommends water aerobics and freestyle swimming. Many local gyms and community centers offer guided classes, which is ideal for that extra boost of motivation. Plus, instructors can answer questions and keep an eye on your form. Spending time in the water is also peaceful and therapeutic to the mind and contributes to overall wellness.

Beginners should avoid plyometrics such as HIT and boot camp classes. Intense training sessions that require lots of jumping and quick movements can be stressful on joints. Dustin Mark McNeer recommends slowing increasing intensity so that muscles can strengthen over time. Plus, it’s recommended that you know how to jump and land properly to avoid further stress and injury.

Although exercising offers immense benefits, Dustin Mark McNeer warns that too much can be a bad thing. Avoid overtraining by doing many different types of activities. If you stress the same joint over and over in the same way, it can lead to injury. Switching up your exercises and increasing duration and intensity over tie can prevent arthritis or treat existing arthritis.

About Dustin Mark McNeer:

Dustin Mark McNeer is a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition. He is passionate about helping people transform their lives through nutritional counseling. Dustin Mark McNeer believes that his clients are empowered through good health, which results in weight loss, increased energy, and overall well-being.
He is also a certified personal trainer with extensive experience creating gym routines. Dustin Mark McNeer pairs personalized training regimens with customized nutritional plans so that clients can learn to maintain healthy lifestyles.