How Dustin McNeer Is Using His Own Health and Fitness Journey To Help Others

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Dustin McNeer Is Using His Own Health and Fitness Journey To Help Others Dustin McNeer Is Using His Own Health and Fitness Journey To Help Others

Unlike other fitness professionals of his ilk, Dustin McNeer has a very different background.

“I grew up in a family that did not take fitness very seriously,” McNeer says as he finishes up his final squat repetition of the day.

And it is no surprise, as you can see in the family photos going back several generations that show a palpable history of obesity.

“And it isn’t just obesity. Diabetes is also an issue.” Knowing that he did not want to continue that pathway and risk potential disease in his future, Dustin McNeer decided to turn his life around and become a fitness addict. “Now I just want to help others achieve their goals.”

And that is exactly what Dustin McNeer is aiming to do as he sets out on his new journey of being a health and fitness inspiration to others. Dustin McNeer‘s new philosophy points towards a three-point plan to get you into shape and avoid risking potential diseases and injuries down the line.

Stretching Is Key

One of the major ways to avoid injury is to make sure you have a proper stretching protocol in place before and after you do your workout. “Whether you are working on a cardio-specific plan or a more weightlifting-centric routine, stretching is incredibly important to maintain your movement ability.” And it has shown in Dustin McNeer‘s workout where he follows a rigorous routine of stretching before and after any workout he does. “My goal is to make stretching a much more approachable practice so people stop avoiding this important aspect of their workouts.”

Cardio Is King

Next to his weightlifting rack lies a treadmill that Dustin McNeer treats as one of the core aspects of his daily routine. “I used to not really look into cardio too much but now it has become an indispensable part of my daily routine.” Dustin McNeer credits runners and fitness enthusiasts like Kenenisa Bekele and Jillian Michaels as inspiration for him to take his cardio training to the next level. “I knew if I was going to be weight training all day, I wouldn’t be able to sustain a healthy lifestyle.” As one of the pillars of his training philosophy, Dustin McNeer makes it clear that cardio must be done at least four times a week in order to make sure the body is in full control of all of its functionalities at the optimal level.

Don’t Forget About Your Diet

You can’t have an iron man suit without the iron. Dustin McNeer pushes every day for a varied dietary practice that meets the nutritional qualities to keep up that “iron man suit”. “I like to take a combination of vegetables and omega 3 nutrients on a daily basis.” When speaking of Omega3, Dustin McNeer speaks of his penchant for wild-caught Alaskan salmon and quinoa. Recipes he is keen on sharing with friends and family alike. “You just can’t be eating KFC every day and expect to work at your highest level.”

When it comes to working out and nutrition, Dustin McNeer has managed to turn back the familial genetic engineering. It will be interesting to see how he is able to share his philosophy with friends, family, and fans alike in the future for a more healthy community.