Dynamic Executive and Growth Expert Ryan Alvey Offers Insights About Effective Team-Building

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Ryan Alvey Ryan Alvey

Global business leaders agree that you should never underestimate the importance of a solid team when it comes to productivity, creativity, and profit. Even with solid project management skills and technical abilities in place, your startup could still fail if your team communication and leadership aren’t rock-solid. Tietronix Software, Inc., Chief Operating Officer, and international startup growth expert Ryan Michael Alvey offered his insights about how to build and sustain a team that works well together for the long haul.

“First and foremost, a great team starts with a great recruiting process,” says Ryan Alvey, whose expert management skills and visionary leadership have sustained large teams across years of collaboration and five continents. “If your recruiting and hiring processes are weak, then your team will be as well. Start by sitting down with your current team, even if it’s just your business partner, and going over best practices when it comes to hiring diverse applicants.”

The interview process should reflect what you want your team to look like and how you want to work together ideally, shares Ryan Alvey. “In your interview process, focus on more than just what an applicant can offer you in terms of skills,” suggests Ryan Alvey. “Get to know the whole person. Soft skills are more important than ever in today’s workplace, and the best person on paper or on a technical test might actually not be the best person to communicate with your clients, interface with potential customers, or coordinate complex projects.”

Once you have new hires in place, Ryan Michael Alvey suggests that you make the team-building process a built-in, mandatory part of your everyday working life. “Team-building never stops,” says Ryan Alvey. “It’s an ongoing process, not a single day of exercises or trust falls. Set up small groups where people can engage in brainstorming across teams and talk openly about things that are bothering them. Hold one-on-one meetings regularly so you can address any problems as early as possible.” He adds that employees should have anonymous ways to get in touch with supervisors to voice their concerns.

Ryan Michael Alvey is the current Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Tietronix Software, Inc. and has worked with startups, as well as mid- and high-level corporations, for over 15 years. Over the course of his exciting career thus far, he has built international teams across five continents, developed groundbreaking software along NASA engineers in Houston, Texas, and advised countless burgeoning businesses on crafting and supporting teams that last.