Edward Karram, Founder of SELL-U, Helps Life Insurance Agents Maximize Their Profits in 2019

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Edward Karram Life Insurance Agents Maximize Their Profits in Edward Karram Life Insurance Agents Maximize Their Profits in

Edward Karram has taken the corporate world by storm. As an entrepreneur, public speaker and business coach, he has successfully run restaurants, construction companies, and martial arts studios. Eager to explore new opportunities, Karram stumbled into the financial realm and it was here that he found his true calling.

Today, Karram is the Founder and CEO of SELL-U; a step-by-step training program that walks registered life insurance agents through all aspects of business, sales training and social media. With personal mentorship from Edward Karram himself, agents are able to grow their business and earn a seven-figure income. To date, the entrepreneur has helped over 1,000 agents reach their true potential.

Edward Karram recognizes that novice (and even seasoned) insurance agents find prospecting quite a challenge. The businessman has some words of wisdom in this regard.

“It’s a great idea to try and diversify your lead generation strategy, especially when just starting out; direct requests, partnerships, referrals and even cold walking; a tactic where you drop by small businesses and promote your upcoming seminar. There’s strength in numbers, that is to say, the more tactics you use, the more leads you’ll acquire.”

Edward Karram is a strong proponent of social media. 10 years ago, agents didn’t rely on the internet to grow their business. Fast forward to today, every agent has their own website and competes for the same prospects. The question is; How do you get your website to rise above the others?

Per the entrepreneur, “For some, simply having a value proposition and contact information on the website does wonders. For most, providing relevant and engaging content draws in prospective leads to your website. Delivering value-added content also catches the attention of search engines – in a good way.”

What does Karram recommend in terms of content? “Agents need to be thoughtful and strategic with each post. Don’t simply focus on a hard sell, instead, give people something of value.”

According to Karram, industry-adjacent advice is a huge draw – immerse yourself in online discussions surrounding home maintenance, driving tips, safe cannabis usage, etc. Your demographic is looking up this content anyway, it never hurts to establish yourself as a trustworthy subject matter expert in their eyes.

More on Edward Karram and SELL-U

Facing numerous obstacles and powerful people who didn’t like his “tell it like it is” attitude, Karram managed to overcome all odds by building one of the fastest-growing training platforms in the country. SELL-U provides quality training to life insurance agents and teaches them how to access valuable leads.

Registered agents joining the program receive a white-label website, and a fully optimized Linked-In and Facebook page, so that when people look them up online, they’re impressed. Agents are exposed to top-quality training in mortgage protection, final expense, retirement planning and more.

The program shines a light on the branding and marketing aspects of life insurance as well. SELL-U connects them with affiliate IMOs that own top-level carrier contracts.

After going through systematic training modules and one-on-one consultations with Edward Karram, life insurance agents are able to grow from a six-figure income to a seven-figure income.

For Karram, the sky’s the limit. The entrepreneur continues to empower agents to master their field and own a wildly successful book of business.