Edward Karram Urges Life Insurance Agents to Steer Clear of These Common Mistakes

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Edward Karram Life Insurance Agents to Steer Clear of These Common Mistakes Edward Karram Life Insurance Agents to Steer Clear of These Common Mistakes

Edward Karram is the Founder and CEO of SELL-U; the #1 training program in the country for registered life insurance agents. It walks agents through all aspects of business, branding, marketing, and social media under the instruction of some of the greatest minds in the field, rivaling the quality of training one would receive at a Fortune 500 company.

With personal mentorship from Karram himself, agents are able to go from a six- to seven-figure income in as little as a year. The businessman has trained over 1000 agents to access quality leads on demand, 10x their book of business, and become veritable masters in the field.

Edward Karram stumbled into the financial sector with very little training or mentorship to turn to. Speaking from experience, he points out, “Many assume that when I talk about sales and product training, I mean ‘here take this agent guide and read it so you can understand the product,’ or sales training like, ‘here’s a script go out there and call me from the prospect’s home if you have any questions.”

Karram abhors these scattershot tactics and suggests that, if you want to be taken seriously, you’ve got to take yourself seriously first.

“Think about it,” Edward Karram adds, “Would you buy from someone who came into your home and, when you asked them a question, they told you to hold on for a while while they call their manager? Exactly.”

The entrepreneur stresses the importance of quality training. To him, the bedrock of your success as a life insurance agent is based on whether or not you are able to interpret your prospects’ needs and make a strong connection to the product you have to sell. If you are, then the ensuing relationship will spell success.

“Another factor that agents overlook,” Edward Karram continues, “is listening. As overly simplistic as that sounds, many agents forget that to close the sale, you must be an empathetic listener. I’ve seen agents that are so eager to sound off from their pre-rehearsed script, they barely acknowledge the actual needs of the person they’re trying to sell to.”

His advice? Remember that you have one mouth and two ears for a reason. Steer clear of aggressive sales tactics and, in lieu of that, let the prospect do most of the talking. As great as your product is, remind yourself that every client comes with their own set of concerns.

“Try to understand which concerns are at the forefront. That affords an automatic doorway to offering the best solution,” says Edward Karram.

“Learn how to ask the right kind of questions,” Karram continues, picking up from the previous point. “‘Why’, ‘when’, ‘where’, and ‘how’, are great open-ended questions, but don’t be afraid to mix these up. You’ll never learn more about the prospect’s needs and objections if you don’t dig a little deeper; whether that’s clarifying a point, asking follow-up questions or redirecting the conversation should it get derailed.”

The businessman adds that these are tricky skills to master and come with time.

More on Edward Karram and SELL-U

Realizing that there was an abysmal lack of quality training in the field, Edward Karram founded SELL-U. The platform offers classroom workshops, webinars and even one-on-one training sessions that are designed to sharpen the agent’s skills and help them take their business to the next level.

SELL-U covers relevant, up-to-date and effective tactics; providing high-quality leads in mortgage protection, final expense, and retirement planning. The platform connects agents with affiliate IMOs that own top-level carrier contracts.

The result? Agents are able to generate clients on-demand, access fresh and untapped leads and, through strategy consultations with Edward Karram, take their book of business to staggering new heights.