Eliot Pargament an Experienced Farrier Caring for All Breeds & Disciplines

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Eliot Pargament Eliot Pargament

Eliot Pargament is a farrier and business owner. Presently, Eliot Pargament provides his services to those in and around Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware. He can be reached at (703) 727-5281, or [email protected].

Horses are some of the most elegant and powerful creatures on earth. To own one is a true privilege as well as a huge responsibility. From training to veterinary care, equines can be more challenging than many animals to care for, though the payoff is well worth all the hard work. One of the best resources in your equine care arsenal is your local farrier. Eliot Pargament Arkansas, an experienced equine expert, is a trusted AFA- certified farrier servicing the Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., and Delaware area.

After many years of equine experience, Eliot Pargament graduated from the “Harvard” of horseshoeing, the Kentucky Horse Shoeing School in Richmond, after graduating from the Tuscon School of Horseshoeing. He then apprenticed in the Washington, D.C., area, working with some of the most knowledgeable and respected farriers in the U.S.. Eliot Pargament worked as an assistant instructor at the University of Maryland and continues to take part in teaching and educational opportunities in the U.S. and Hamburg, Germany.

Eliot Pargament is the owner of Metro Farrier Services and has traveled the U.S. working at several horse shows and rodeos, including The Prince George’s Equestrian Center – Best Thoroughbred Hunter/Jumper Show. He was also a farrier at the Black-Eyed Susan Indoor Summer Classic at The Prince George’s Equestrian Center.

In addition to his wealth of knowledge and experience, Eliot Pargament brings to his work a true passion for horses and equine care. He works with all breeds and disciplines and is adept at working with routine work, including regular shoes and trims, as well as hot/cold and therapeutic shoeing, and treatment for laminitis.

Eliot Pargament’s customers know him as a dependable, patient professional who has his clients’ and horses’ best interests in mind at all times. More than providing hoof care and shoeing, he strives to educate his clients to help them better care for their animals and prevent issues. This includes educating owners about the importance of cleaning the horse’s shoes at least twice a day, ideally before and after putting the horse out or riding, to check for issues such as lodged objects or signs of trouble such as laminitis or founder.