Eliot Pargament Explains What a Farrier Does and Why Farriers Are Essential to the Care of Your Horse

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Eliot Pargament Eliot Pargament

Eliot Pargament is a farrier and business owner. Presently, Eliot Pargament provides his services to those in and around Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware. He can be reached at (703) 727-5281, or [email protected].

Owning a horse is tremendously rewarding, but it is also a great responsibility. Like any animal, horses require care to ensure they are healthy and fit. One essential element of horse care is farrier services. Eliot Pargament previously of Arkansas, an experienced equine expert, is an AFA- certified farrier servicing the Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., and Delaware area. He explains what a farrier does and how they can help you.

Farriers are equine foot care experts, Eliot Pargament explains. Before trimming or shoeing, the farrier evaluates the horse to determine what adjustments are necessary. They then use tools to trim and shape a horse’s hooves and adjust, reshape, and apply horseshoes. Some farriers, including Eliot Pargament, can make custom horseshoes as well.

Eliot Pargament provides shoeing and corrective trimming for all breeds and disciplines. He also works with young horses that are still maturing, helping promote healthy hoof development. In addition, he offers hot/cold therapeutic shoeing and treatments for issues such as laminitis. Clients rely on Eliot Pargament’s extensive equine knowledge for advice on hoof care, nutrition, and equipment and supplements to keep their horses in peak condition. In addition, he educates clients on daily foot care, including picking and cleaning the feet before and after riding or putting the horse out. He explains that this is essential to check for signs of potentially serious issues, such as injury or founder, as well as to remove any obstructions which may become lodged in the shoe and cause pain. It is also important to practice daily foot care so that the horse is accustomed to having their feet worked on; otherwise, a farrier cannot do their job safely.

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Eliot Pargament has been a farrier since 2011. After graduating from the Tuscon School of Horseshoeing, he completed a training program at the “Harvard” of horseshoeing, the Kentucky Horse Shoeing School in Richmond. After apprenticing in the Washington D.C. area, Eliot Pargament started his business Metro Farrier Services. He has traveled the U.S. working at several horse shows and rodeos, including The Prince George’s Equestrian Center – Best Thoroughbred Hunter/Jumper Show. He was also a farrier at the Black-Eyed Susan Indoor Summer Classic at The Prince George’s Equestrian Center. He has worked closely with an expert farrier known for his skillful handling of difficult shoeing procedures and served as an assistant instructor at the University of Maryland. Eliot Pargament has been a traveling farrier at several rodeos. He also continues his education via various training seminars and competitions around the U.S. and in Hamburg, Germany. Eliot services the Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., and Delaware area.