Eliseo Delgado Jr. Discusses the Latest Addition to the Iot: The Shadecraft Sunflower

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Eliseo Delgado Jr The Shadecraft Sunflower Eliseo Delgado Jr The Shadecraft Sunflower
Eliseo Delgado Jr.

An online reviewer of emerging technologies, Eliseo Delgado Jr. stays up-to-date on the latest consumer products taking the world by storm. Here, he reviews the newest addition to luxurious living and the Internet of Things (IoT), the ShadeCraft Robotics’ solar-powered SUNFLOWER that enhances time spent outdoors.

One of the most impactful advances in consumer technology, IoT products connect to the internet and to each other to provide consumers with a highly-convenient method of interacting with many home appliances. Through the IoT, Eliseo Delgado Jr. tells us consumers can control home light levels through their smartphones, preheat ovens on a regular schedule, keep up an active grocery list based on monitored refrigerator items, and more. ShadeCraft products take the power of the IoT to the next level to provide consumers with outdoor products that prove to be just as intuitive as the smart thermostat or the DVR.

“All ShadeCraft products use smart technology to boost comfort and convenience while outside,” says Eliseo Delgado Jr., “and the SUNFLOWER is the ultimate smart parasol with a variety of tech-savvy outdoor features.”

ShadeCraft Robotics is based out of Los Angeles and strives to improve human life outdoors through robotic technology and industrial design. Their latest product, the SUNFLOWER, combines all the advanced features of their previous products into one smart parasol that delivers comfort and convenience to decks, pool sides, gardens and more.

The SUNFLOWER is wireless and provides many Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular capabilities to connect with other smart devices without interruption. Integrated solar panels on the parasol’s umbrella generate renewable energy to power and operate the device throughout sunny and shady days alike. It can be controlled from a smartphone as well as take instructions through voice interaction. The voice-activated command system allows for hands-free control while taking a dip in the pool or lounging in a chair under its shade. The device even comes with built-in speakers to stream premium audio from smart devices.

“This product delivers everything you’d need to relax and enjoy the outdoors to the fullest,” says Eliseo Delgado Jr. “And what’s more, it moves on its own with help from sophisticated cameras and sensors to deliver continuous cover from the sun without having to readjust the parasol.”

It’s an intuitive product that thinks for itself––”waking up” in the morning and tracking the sun to receive optimal boosts of energy. It never needs to be adjusted and will automatically open and close with the rising and setting of the sun (unless instructed to do otherwise). The product also delivers ambient lighting that can be automated or controlled throughout the day or night with adjustments in brightness and color.

“The SUNFLOWER is the new staple of luxurious outdoor living and connects seamlessly within the IoT,” says Eliseo Delgado Jr. “While it may not be the first smart device people think of, ShadeCraft’s latest product is sure to soon find its way into tech-savvy homes around the world.”