Eliseo Delgado Jr. Helps New Homebuyers Understand Which Professional Parties Get Involved in the Process

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Eliseo Delgado Jr Eliseo Delgado Jr

A real estate professional with The Mortgage Guys of California, Eliseo Delgado Jr. has spent years helping homebuyers navigate the often tricky process of securing a mortgage. Here, he introduces readers to a few of the parties involved in the overarching home buying process. 


Eliseo Delgado Jr. explains that buying a home is anything but simple; apart from the rigorous process of securing finances, finding a home, and winning the bid, new homebuyers will work with a handful of professionals with titles they may have never heard of before. He aims to change that by giving a quick overview of some of the most important parties involved in the process below. 


“Each homebuyer’s journey will be different from the next depending on a multitude of factors, but there are some components that everyone will encounter,” says Eliseo Delgado Jr. “A handful of professionals, for instance, are sought after for almost every home sale.” 




Mortgage lenders are the banks and other financial holders who will determine the amount buyers can borrow. Homebuyers will work with lenders and will present documents like tax returns and credit scores to figure out how much money they can borrow, how much interest will be charged, and what the monthly payment cost will be. 


Buyer’s Agents


These are the real estate professionals such as Eliseo Delgado Jr. who serve as a source of knowledge and insight to the industry throughout the process of securing loans and purchasing a home. Because they are so vital to the process, it’s important that homebuyers look to highly qualified professionals who are eager to help. 


Listing Agents


These are the professionals who work on behalf of the seller to ensure they get the best deal and aren’t scammed during the process. Buyers may never actually communicate directly with listing agents, but their own agents will once any offers are made. 




Before anyone closes on a home, it’s wise to hire an appraiser who will inspect the property and confirm its value. This prevents buyers from falling into a money pit in the case of unforeseen expenses like termite damage, mold, or other problems after purchasing. They assess a home’s overall condition and value after performing a general inspection and researching the local market. 


Insurance Representatives 


Because homes are such a large investment, they require quality insurance that can cover the homeowner in the case of emergency. This helps prevent them from having to pay out of pocket for every bit of damage that occurs, among other advantages. Insurance agents will work on the buyer’s behalf to determine an insurance plan that best fits their needs. 


“This isn’t the full extent of all the parties involved in buying a home, there are still tax advisors, real estate attorneys, home inspectors, and other professionals, too,” says Eliseo Delgado Jr. “But it does provide a nice overview of most of the professionals involved.”