Elmer Alegado, President of StrategiCareStaffing, Leads Successful Team

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Elmer Alegado Nurse Elmer Alegado Nurse

After more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Elmer Alegado manages a successful team as President of StrategiCareStaffing.

The healthcare industry is currently facing a silent crisis. Hospitals, clinics, and other organizations are struggling to find qualified staff for open positions. On the flip side, many job seekers are looking for training and opportunities, but don’t know where to start. After spending 25 years in the healthcare industry, Elmer Alegado recognized this healthcare staffing need. Now, Elmer Alegado, a seasoned nurse, is the President of StrategiCareStaffing, a company that works diligently to provide flexible healthcare staffing solutions.

As President of StrategiCareStaffing, Elmer Alegado, a nurse, put together a list of staffing requirements for candidates, including a rigorous screening and professional training process. The company’s comprehensive recruitment process would not be possible without a great leadership team that drives the mission and vision daily. Elmer Alegado, CEO of StrategiCareStaffing, works closely with Leo Calanglang, CTO, and Joy Calanglang, Director of Care.

Elmer Alegado, a seasoned nurse, believes Leo Calanglang is an excellent addition to the StrategiCareStaffing team because he has 15 years of experience in Information Technology. Additionally, Leo has expertise in IT project management, gap analysis, and cybersecurity. He spent ten years as the Director of IT at Delta Blood Bank (Red Cross Chapter) before co-founding StrategiCareStaffing Inc. Elmer Alegado, a nurse, is proud that Leo Calangland was awarded as one of the Fiver Pillars of Delta Blood Bank in 2009 for excellence in service.

Joy Calanglang and Elmer Alegado are both passionate about serving their fellow countrymen and make an excellent team. After 13 years in caregiving administration, Joy Calangland brings her experience to StrategiCareStaffing Inc. Elmer Alegado, a seasoned nurse, appreciates her cheerful attitude and continuous loyal service to her clients. She is known for her calming presence and specializes in residential care facilities for the elderly. Elmer Alegado, a nurse, believes her bright smile and charisma are a perfect fit for StrategiCareStaffing Inc.’s mission.

As President, Elmer Alegado brings more than 25 years of experience working in hospitals, schools, clinics, and more. While developing his skills in the healthcare industry, he also built his passion for helping others and making a difference. Originally from the Philippines, Elmer Alegado, a nurse, migrated to the United States and passed the NCLEX. With the help of his talented team, Elmer Alegado is able to fulfill his lifelong dream of leading a successful healthcare company.

Together, they are able to fulfill the vision of StrategiCareStaffing Inc. The company strives to be the leading and most reliable healthcare staffing resource for the California community. Elmer Alegado and his team are proud to fill positions in the healthcare industry, with candidates that have the highest degree of professionalism and integrity. Elmer Alegado’s team is changing the healthcare industry in California on a daily basis by filling much-needed positions across a variety of institutions. Without Elmer Alegado and the team at StrategiCareStaffing, hospitals and other care centers would not be able to provide the same top-notch quality of services to patients and families in need.