Elmer Alegado’s Healthcare Staffing Agency Can Help Your Medical Facility

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Let Elmer Alegado help your facility in age of the coronona virus

In this age of the corona virus, medical professionals are in greater demand than ever before. Elmer Alegado, the president of StrategiCareStaffing Inc., a healthcare staffing agency in Manteca, California, provides facilities with flexible and reliable medical professionals. Healthcare facilities in every community have a high demand for trusted professionals who can deliver needed health services. StrategiCareStaffing and Elmer Alegado bring more than 25 years experience in the healthcare profession and are committed to providing clients with a deep and broad range of healthcare professionals to meet any need.

Every healthcare provider sent out by StrategiCareStaffing and Elmer Alegado undergoes a rigorous screening process to ensure that facilities are staffed with only the highest quality professionals. In addition, StrategiCareStaffing and Elmer Alegado provide every health care provider who walks out the door with additional professional training. This comprehensive screening and training process, combined with their comprehensive recruitment system, produces a solid staffing base that can meet the needs of any healthcare facility.

In addition to serving as president of StrategiCareStaffing, Inc., Elmer Alegado is also the CEO of Medbrightcare Management, LLC., an in home care and staffing agency.  He was a registered nurse at the Deuel Vocational Institution in Tracy, California. A native of the Philippines, Elmer Alegado was a medical officer at the San Marcelino District Hospital in Zambales, Philippines and at the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy. At the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy, he not only provided medical care for students and employees, he also taught ship medicine, first aid, and basic life support. At the Mt. Carmel Medical Clinic and Emergency Center, Elmer Alegado was the House-physician and Manager of the Zambales cluster of clinics.  In this role, which he held for six years, Elmer Alegado managed three branches, operating them as a cohesive unit. He has also worked as an insurance agent and financial advisor.

Elmer Alegado is a graduate of the T.R Yangco Educational Institute in San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines. He earned a bachelor’s degree in biology and a second bachelor of science in nursing degree. He also earned a doctorate in medicine. For nearly two decades, Elmer Alegado worked as a physician in the Phillipines before migrating to the United States in 2006 where he passed the National Council Licensure Examination. Elmer Alegado has the skills, passion, and dedication needed to serve healthcare facilities, and he brings this to his work every day at StrategiCareStaffing, Inc.