English Language Learning Expert Robert Bouton McDougal Opens Free Adult Literacy Classes in Costa Mesa, CA

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Robert McDougal Free Adult Literacy Classes in Costa Mesa CA Robert McDougal Free Adult Literacy Classes in Costa Mesa CA

The Robert McDougal English Language Institute is proud to announce the launch of a free series of ESL classes at the new library in Costa Mesa, CA. The classes will be offered to non-native English speakers and other community members free of charge beginning in the fall of 2019.

Classes will cover everyday English language essentials. Students will be expected to attend every class, as small group and paired work will be key to the course series. While courses will be focused primarily on everyday conversation, breakout seminars will cover public speaking, technology, manners and etiquette, emergency/crisis situations, confidence, nonverbal communication, pop culture terminology, and one “wild card” area of focus selected by the group of students.

“There are many English language learners in Costa Mesa,” Robert McDougal shares of the growing need for low-cost ESL classes in the area. “Additionally, Southern California is home to a diverse population, including immigrants and many low-income individuals and families. These courses will help community members learn together in a safe, supportive, and fun environment from qualified ESL instructors who have years of education and experience under their belt.”

The new Costa Mesa/Donald Dungan Library opened in May 2019, after the old Costa Mesa Technology Library closed. The new location, says McDougal, is in many ways the ideal spot for the new program.

“Libraries are essential to public health, education, community spirit, and well-being,” Robert Bouton McDougal says. “The new library in Costa Mesa is the perfect example of a community coming together around valuable free and low-cost resources. My team of ESL instructors is so proud to bring this service to the community.”

Robert Bouton McDougal is an experienced ESL instructor who has developed ELL/ESL curriculum for a number of schools and learning centers over the course of his decade of English language instruction. McDougal boasts both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in ESL pedagogy. He has worked with students of all ages as a classroom instructor, small group teacher, and private tutor to achieve their full potential in English fluency, confidence, and public speaking. Robert McDougal is also certified in TESOL instruction.

Robert Bouton McDougal will be delivering the classes with six other instructors beginning in October 2019. Interested participants ages 18 and over can sign up for classes now by heading to the form available at the Robert McDougal English Language Institute website. A similar series for non-native English speaking children and teens will be offered at the library in the spring.