Ennis Care Center Delivers Personalized Care Under the Guidance of Medical Director Dr. Bryan White, MD

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Dr Bryan White MD Dr Bryan White MD

At the Ennis Care Center, nursing patients undergo wellness and rehabilitation in one of the most technically advanced facilities in the state of Texas. Offering residents a truly unique and rewarding experience, the center has also been lauded for its unparalleled medical care under the guidance of Medical Director Dr. Bryan White, MD.


Dr. Bryan White, MD was appointed the position of Medical Director of Ennis Care Center in 2019, bringing more than 25 years of professional leadership and medical experience. In this role, he upholds the center’s mission to provide unparalleled wellness and rehabilitation to all its patients and helps the facility remain an industry leader in the state. 


Over the years, Dr. Bryan White, MD has proven his worth both as a healthcare provider and a respected leader, having attended at more than a dozen facilities during his tenure in skilled nursing and long-term care. Today at Ennis Care Center, he leads a team of professionals who strive to provide only the best medical care available to their long-term residents who receive tailored plans based on their varying needs and preferences. 


This is where Ennis Care Center shines: the staff is committed to person-centric healthcare and wellness, which ensures an individualized approach to care for each resident. Dr. Bryan White, MD crafts a bespoke plan for all residents that delivers personal attention and aims for improved health. The holistic approach of Dr. White and his team sets an advanced standard of care for other long-term facilities both in Texas and beyond. 


The mission of Ennis Care Center is to deliver compassionate care, innovative programming, and multi-disciplinary engagement, and they’ve developed a reputation for just that. The unique approach at the center ensures all residents are given a tailored therapeutic program that promotes choice, purpose, and connection in their day-to-day lives. The facility also delivers an innovative life-enrichment program, which gives residents opportunities to set individual goals and explore personal interests during their stay. Residents can choose from activities like reading gatherings, veteran groups, coffee and conversation clubs, art therapy classes, movie nights and much more. 


“We never want to put our residents in a position where they don’t feel they have a choice,” says Dr. Bryan White, MD. “Everyone staying at the Ennis Care Center is offered a range of opportunities for personal interactions and a long list of exciting activities to partake in, depending on their individual preferences. Our facility also utilizes a robust life-enrichment program focuses on social engagement and personal connection so all residents receive the absolute best care available, suited to their needs.”


To achieve personal growth in each resident, Dr. Bryan White MD employs advanced recreational technology that is adapted to their unique abilities and interests. The activities he makes available at the Ennis Care Center are designed to enhance cognitive ability, physical and occupational health, wellness, independence, and familial connections among other beneficial factors. As Medical Director, he ensures the facility remains at the cutting edge of technology and continues serving as a model for nursing homes across the country.