Entrepreneur and Educator Edward Karram’s 3 Tips for Using Social Media to Build Your Life Insurance Business

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Entrepreneur and Educator Edward Karram’s Tips for Using Social Media to Build Your Life Insurance Business Entrepreneur and Educator Edward Karram’s Tips for Using Social Media to Build Your Life Insurance Business
With billions of active users logging in every day, social media is a treasure trove of potential clients, customers, and prospects for businesses across all industries. Edward Karram, entrepreneur and CEO of SELL-U, a company that provides sales training and marketing support to life insurance agents, credits social media with his ability to reign in prospects, keep clients engaged, and built a seven-figure income career. The successful businessman is here to share three tips for fellow life insurance agents on getting the most of social media.

1. Find out where your market is.

From SnapChat to Instagram and YouTube to Twitter, there are dozens of social media channels to choose from. But not all demographics are equally active on all platforms. Research what social media sites your demographic uses most. For instance, studies show people ages 50 and older are more likely to use Facebook compared to Instagram or SnapChat. LinkedIn remains an excellent way to connect with professionals, while YouTube and Twitter, like Facebook, have a broad reach across demographics.

2. Provide engaging, meaningful content.

Don’t use your social media platforms as online billboards, Edward Karram advises. Instead, post promotional content selectively. The majority of your posts should be helpful and educational, whether it’s a relevant news article or a list of FAQs on how to file a claim or a list of tips for creating an emergency backup plan. You can also tie your posts into upcoming holidays or national observances, like Breast Cancer Awareness Month or Diabetes Awareness Month, offering helpful articles on how to prevent these ailments or support a loved one who has them. Keep in mind users are far more likely to engage with content that contains a photo or video.

3. Post consistently.

Consistency is key, Edward Karram said. Post consistently, making a point to engage daily. Engagement can vary between posting articles or sharing online reviews to running campaigns and retweeting or reblogging industry influencers or relevant articles and info. Edward Karram suggests using content management platforms like Hootsuite if you have difficulty remembering to post regularly. Also, research what times your target demographic is typically active on each social channel and aim to post during those times for better reach.

More on Edward Karram

Prior to founding SELL-U, Edward Karram worked for many years as a life insurance sales agent. Now, he earns a seven-figure income and is eager to share his knowledge to help others achieve similar success. Through SELL-U, Edward Karram equips agents with all of these skills and more to empower them to conquer challenges and propel their careers. The academy utilizes a combination of webinars, in-class sessions, and one-on-one mentorship sessions. Edward Karram also routinely offers inspiration and advice via his YouTube channel and social media accounts, as well as speaking engagements around the country. To learn more about Edward Karram and SELL-U, visit the website: https://www.selluacademy.com/