Entrepreneur Edward Karram Explains the Benefits of a 100% Virtual Business

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Entrepreneur Edward Karram Explains the Benefits of a Virtual Business Entrepreneur Edward Karram Explains the Benefits of a Virtual Business

When Dolly Parton wrote her famous song, “9 to 5,” the conventional working hours had been the status quo for decades. In the following years, however, office hours for many Americans extended beyond the 9 to 5 to 8 to 5, or even 8 to 6. Spending more time at the office and less time living life, many Americans became dissatisfied, stressed, and burned out. Fortunately, perceptions are changing, and more people and businesses are prioritizing work-life balance for the sake of health, happiness, and sanity. But how do they do it without sacrificing financial security or professional success? For many people, the answer is working remotely. Edward Karram, a successful entrepreneur, author, and public speaker based in Alpharetta, GA, explains how you and your business can benefit from going virtual.

Edward Karram is the founder and CEO of SELL-U, a company that provides sales training and marketing support to life insurance agents, financial advisers, and industry professionals. Prior to founding SELL-U, he built a noteworthy career as a successful insurance agent. Edward Karram now makes a seven-figure income and is eager to share his knowledge with others.

“Too many agents with so much potential are failing because they are not set up to win from the get-go. Proper training and education are the foundation for any business, but for some reason, your marketing organizations want you to just go out and sell,” Edward Karram said.

SELL-U, unlike most marketing firms, provides comprehensive training that is not just based on how to get sales, but how to set the foundation for long-term, sustainable success. As Edward Karram explains, configuring a virtual business is a great way to start. For one, connecting with clients virtually, rather than in-person, saves time and expenses. No more hours wasted and gas money spent commuting to and from meetings. In addition, working virtually gives you more scheduling flexibility, which is mutually beneficial for you and your prospective clients. Furthermore, virtual appointments allow you to work from anywhere, whether it’s home, the office, or a cafe.

According to research, approximately five percent of Americans are already reaping the benefits of remote work and it is an increasingly popular trend in many industries. For insurance agencies, without physical goods to handle, the transition can be seamless and simple, Edward Karram points out.

What’s more, the businessman said, insurance agents can generate all or most leads using social media alone. According to a Shareaholic report, social media is the number one source for web traffic referrals, so it’s no surprise that successful entrepreneurs like Edward Karram swear by social media as one of the most powerful tools to success.

Taking the time to establish a strong social media presence and invest in learning to use these marketing and sales platforms efficiently and effectively can help you take your business to another level and blow away the competition, without having to leave your desk, Edward Karram said.

“If you are in the Life Insurance industry, remember what others have to do in order to find success,” Edward Karram said. “Invest in yourself and your business!”

To learn more about Edward Karram and SELL-U, visit the website: https://www.selluacademy.com/