Entrepreneur, Jay Bansal Describes His Experience with Mobil

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Jay Bansal Experience with Mobil Jay Bansal Experience with Mobil
Jay A. BansalJay Ankur Bansal is a former attorney who has embraced the business world as a notable entrepreneur. With several businesses that he owns and operates and his involvement with multiple startup companies, Jay A. Bansal is continuously on the move. Several years ago, Jay Bansal began to own and operate several Mobil gas stations in the Phoenix, Arizona area and he has not looked back.

Jay A. Bansal explained his interest in pursuing ownership with the highly-regarded Mobil brand. “In 2004, I bought my first Mobil gas station. All of my current gas stations have convenience stores attached. Over the years, this endeavor has proven to be extremely successful, and I’m interested in expanding my reach in this market even further.”

Mr. Bansal continued, “I own and operate a 1200 square foot Mobil station and convenience store in a densely populated area at Broadway and the 101 freeway in Tempe. However, there are very few options for customers in that area for groceries and convenience store items. I’m in the process to expand this storefront to offer more groceries for customers such as fresh produce and prepared foods and desserts, and we are considering a drive-thru option for our client’s convenience as well. We are looking at possibly doubling the size with a new remodel and renovation that we are working with the City of Tempe at this time.”

“Mobil gas keeps an engine 2x cleaner than other fueling options. They specialize in Synergy™ gasoline, which offers better gas mileage, better performance, improved engine protections, and lower emissions. I’m thrilled to have partnered with Mobil when I did, and I look forward to a successful future with them.”

For the past 15 years, former attorney, Jay Ankur Bansal has made an indelible mark on the business world. From owning gas stations, convenience stores, real estate, hotel and apartment projects, medical-legal funding, and medical software companies. Jay Bansal is a steadfast, loyal business professional, and he brings a wealth of knowledge to numerous companies that he’s involved in many aspects, especially when it comes to legal issues.

Jay A. Bansal grew up in the Phoenix area and is proud to give back to his state and local communities. He’s been extraordinarily active in many nonprofit organizations. Jay has been married to Rajani Bansal for 25 years, and together, they are grateful to be able to take part in entrepreneurial partnerships as well as in supporting and promoting roles for their communities.