Entrepreneur Jay Bansal Partners with Houston’s Real Estate Company, Ashford Communities to Bring Affordable Multi-Family Properties to Phoenix

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Entrepreneur Jay Bansal Partners with Houstons Real Estate Company Ashford Communities to Bring Affordable Multi Family Properties to Phoenix Entrepreneur Jay Bansal Partners with Houstons Real Estate Company Ashford Communities to Bring Affordable Multi Family Properties to Phoenix

Phoenix businessman, Jay A. Bansal has been successful for the past 15 years in many different sectors of business. His business portfolio includes owning gas station convenience stores, a medical-legal funding business, medical software companies, and hotel and apartment projects.

Although Jay Ankur Bansal has invested in real estate for many years, one of his newest projects includes a joint venture with Ashford Communities. Ashford Communities, a well known real estate company in the Houston, Texas area, has been a leader in multi-family properties for many years. Thanks to his keen eye for business, Jay A. Bansal recognized Ashford Communities’ potential and has been an investor in their Houston real estate projects for many years.

Ashford Communities make sure all of the properties they manage are a place where people belong. Aside from managing properties, Ashford Communities also want to help the communities they serve to flourish. They stand for pride, connection, care, and belonging, which resonated with Jay’s philosophy.

As someone who also likes to invest in his community, Jay Ankur Bansal decided to help bring Ashford Communities to Phoenix. With this joint venture, both parties will work together to locate real estate properties in the Phoenix area that could benefit from its experience. The goal is to bring quality property management to affordable multi-family properties in Phoenix.

Since his days as a solo law practitioner, former attorney, Jay Ankur Bansal knew when to take business risks. After graduating from law school and working at a law firm, Jay A. Bansal decided to open a solo practice. He practiced personal injury, business law, and immigration law for 20 years before taking the risk of becoming an entrepreneur. For the last 15 years, he has succeeded as a businessman because he takes calculated risks when he believes in a project.

This joint venture with Ashford communities is no exception. Jay A. Bansal credits his success in real estate to always knowing your niche, not undermining risks, learning the market, and collecting referrals.

Jay A. Bansal grew up in the Phoenix area and is an active member of the community donating and sitting on the board of worthy organizations. As the son of a retired pediatrician, Jay learned to become a leader of his community from his parents. Jay Ankur. Bansal and his wife of 25 years, Rajani Bansal take an active role in the community by donating to worthy causes.