Entrepreneur, Rosalyn Philpot, Brings Aqua Water Trikes to Chicago

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Rosalyn Philpot Rosalyn Philpot

Tourists and residents alike are praising Rosalyn Philpot for starting an adventurous outdoors business.

Tourists flock to the vibrant city of Chicago every year to enjoy its stunning architecture, hot dogs, and sports teams. Chicago is also known for its enchanting museums and performing arts district, meaning there is something there for everyone. As if the city couldn’t get any better, adventurous entrepreneur, Rosalyn Philpot, introduced a brand new activity to be enjoyed on Lake Michigan.

When it’s time to hit the beach and soak up the outdoors, visitors can conveniently rent an Aqua Water Trike. Rosalyn Philpot came up with the idea when thinking about the various water sport activities offered in the greater Chicago area. Riding jet ski’s or renting paddleboards can pose a risk for injury and be demanding on the body. Plus, many water sports are not easily accessible to families.

Rosalyn Philpot’s Aqua Water Trikes are convenient and cost-effective for everyone. Each Aqua Water Trike can hold two to three people aboard per ride, as long as the total weight of the group stays under 450lbs. Each guest is given a lifejacket, so there’s no need to learn how to swim! During the experience, guests will remain above the water while pedaling their aqua trike at approximately five mph. Rosalyn Philpot still recommends wearing typical beachwear, even though most people only get their ankles wet.

Since Rosalyn Philpot’s Aqua Water Trikes are so easy to use, there are no lessons necessary! When you get to the beach, look for the three big wheels with handles. They are easy to steer and maneuver, which means you don’t have to worry about getting yourself into any tricky situations. Some people even call them “family-friendly water toys!”

Renting an Aqua Water Trike is the best way to enjoy Lake Michigan at your own pace. Rosalyn Philpot’s business has been top-rated amongst customers looking to be active and relaxed at the same time. Pedaling across the water is a calming and comfortable experience to enjoy with family, friends, or even on your own.

Additionally, guests are burning calories while having fun! Pedaling on the water lets your legs move in a fluid movement with little resistance. If you know how to ride a land tricycle, you will be surprised to find out how easy and straightforward Rosalyn Philpot’s Aqua Water Trikes can be in comparison. It’s an excellent option for anyone with limited mobility on the upper half of their body, or for people who have shoulder or arm problems and cannot participate in other activities.

When you’re finished with your Aqua Water Trike session, extend your vacation by hanging out on the beach. Rosalyn Philpot recommends making a day of your adventure by bringing games and sports of your own! Spend more quality time with your family and friends, pack a picnic, and throw around a football. Kids will never want to leave!

About Rosalyn Philpot:

Rosalyn Philpot is an adventurous girl who also happens to own and operator her own water excursion business. She’s been in business for three years and had recognition for bringing the Aqua Water Trikes to Chicago. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, wine tasting, volunteering, and attending social gatherings.