Eric Buschbacher Explains How Standardized Test Scores Impact College Admission

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The college application process requires SAT or ACT scores, Eric Buschbacher explains why they’re important. 

Many high school juniors and seniors have their sights set on attending college. In addition to the fun parts like touring college campuses and shopping for dorm spaces, students have to worry about their standardized test scores. Parents know how important scores are for college admissions. However, Eric Buschbacher notes that many students and parents alike don’t understand why. Here’s what you need to know about standardized testing and college admission.

Every year, the US sees an increase in the number of students who enroll in public and private universities. With so many applications, it isn’t very easy for college administrators to determine who should receive admission. Eric Buschbacher notes that since GPA’s can vary by high school, using them alone is not enough. Standardized tests give colleges an additional measurement of the student’s academic preparedness. In other words, it helps them identify those who are ready for a tougher college curriculum.

For some, high test scores are used to balance out areas of poor academic achievement. For example, if a student’s grades slipped one semester, or they performed poorly in a class, standardized testing offers another opportunity for them to demonstrate their academic abilities.  Eric Buschbacher notes that it can be a saving grace for students trying to get into their top schools of choice.

In addition to SAT or ACT scores, colleges consider many other factors of student success. College campuses are thriving communities, all thanks to the students who are involved in clubs, sports, student government, Greek life, and more. It only makes sense that administrators would want to keep the campus culture alive by bringing new students on board who will be actively involved in everything it has to offer. First-year students will not only have an easier time making friends, but they will also be happier and more well-rounded by graduation.

The benefits of an excellent standardized testing score don’t end once a student has been accepted into college. Many scholarships use SAT and ACT scores when considering applicants. Eric Buschbacher notes that some scholarships are automatically granted based on academic merit alone, a bonus for talented students. For some, attending college is only attainable through the help of scholarships, which makes studying for standardized tests even more critical. Amounts vary per college institution and can be added to financial aid assistance.

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After completing an associate’s degree in business, Eric Buschbacher earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Management from St. John’s University in Jamaica, NY. He is now an eager young professional looking to develop new skills in a challenging work environment.

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