Everything You Need to Know Before a Pest Control Visit, With Tips From General Contractor Pavel Rombakh

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Pavel Rombakh Pest Control Visit Pavel Rombakh Pest Control Visit

Expert Pavel Rombakh Lets You Know What to Expect From a Pest Control Visit

Whether you have a pest problem already or are trying to prevent one this season, it’s a good idea to stay on top of pests in your home, according to Pavel Rombakh, a general contractor who recently received Top Rated and Elite Service badges from Home Advisor.

“Removing pests is typically more expensive than preventing them, so even if you see a few roaches or rodents, don’t let it grow into a bigger problem,” Pavel Rombakh said.

Choose a pest control service with great reviews and one that specializes in the type of pest you have, whether it’s ladybugs or rats. When a pest control professional arrives at your house, they will start by checking entry areas, said Pavel Rombakh. Windows, doors, pipes, your attic and garage will be inspected, since this is where pests can enter the home. Cracks or holes in these entry areas may be allowing pests in and will need to be repaired.

The individual will also look for moisture in your house, as excess moisture can be a culprit for attracting pests. Tools like a moisture meter may be used to determine where moisture is creeping into the house and bringing creepy crawlies with it.

Once the pest control professional has conducted a thorough inspection of the house and yard, they will assemble their findings and discuss the data with you. They will inform you what steps you need to take to fix the problem and prevent additional problems going forward.

“Ask any and all questions you have at this time,” Pavel Rombakh advised. “There are no stupid questions and a professional should be able to give you the information you need about next steps, safe pest control methods to use around pets and children, maintenance and follow-up you will need to do.”
According to Home Advisor, the estimated cost for pest control is around $170, which varies based on the type and severity of pest. If you prefer to get a second opinion for whatever reason, do so in a timely manner, said Pavel Rombakh. Waiting for too long to address the problem can lead to the pest issue growing further and being more damaging and costly. However, once you find a pest control professional you trust, you can work with them in the coming years to address all pest control issues and prevention questions that may spring up.