Extreme Tactical Dynamics explains latest LED lighting classifications

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Extreme Tactical Dynamics LED lighting classifications Extreme Tactical Dynamics LED lighting classifications

LED emergency vehicle lights and sirens company Extreme Tactical Dynamics offers an insight into the latest specialized LED lighting classifications.

So-called LED ‘generations’ are largely classified by their power consumption and by the size of the diode used, with, for example, generation I using 0.5-watt LEDs, generation III using 1-watt LEDs, and generation IV using LEDs with 3 watts each. That’s according to Chris Dallmann, owner and founder of Extreme Tactical Dynamics, established in 2005 and based in Jupiter, Florida, as he explains more about LED lighting classifications.

“At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we use either generation I, generation III, or generation IV LEDs in all of our lighting products with the exception of our Head Strobes Kits which utilize Xenon tubes, sourced from Germany,” reveals Dallmann.

Some of Extreme Tactical Dynamics’ designs, he says, also incorporate a variety of different wattage generation I, III, and IV LEDs within the same unit. “This allows us to add extra features, such as the takedown lights in our Eagle Eye Visor Light, or in our C-4 Series alley lights,” Dallmann adds.

While generation I are the smallest LEDs used by Extreme Tactical Dynamics, generation III 1-watt LEDs are the most widely utilized by the company. “Take our 48″ Full-Size Light Bar with Linear 1 Optics,” says Dallmann, “which has 88 generation III LEDs equaling 88 watts of power, equivalent to more than 23,000 lumens.”

“It’s no wonder they’re so bright; something which is a recurring theme highlighted in Extreme Tactical Dynamics reviews!” adds the firm’s founder. All of the company’s LEDs are further enhanced, he says, with either Linear 1 or Total Internal Reflectivity lenses which create widely-spread or precisely-focused beams of light respectively.

Meanwhile, 3-watt generation IV LEDs—Extreme Tactical Dynamics‘ brightest—are not only durable and high-performance, but also extremely efficient, according to the business. “One of our most powerful police car lights—the Chameleon 8 LIN Dual Color Traffic Advisor—has 32 generation IV LEDs and a light output of more than 30,000 lumens, depending on the colors chosen,” adds Dallmann.

While Extreme Tactical Dynamics has previously used less-common generation II, 0.8-watt LEDs in some of its products in the past, this is no longer the case. “We did utilize second-generation LEDs some time ago,” Dallmann adds, wrapping up, “however we’ve now replaced these with more powerful, more efficient generation III LEDs, much to the delight of our customers and widely reflected in Extreme Tactical Dynamics reviews.”

Extreme Tactical Dynamics has remained committed to making the purchase of emergency vehicle lights, sirens, and accessories online both straightforward and affordable for almost 15 years. To learn more about Extreme Tactical Dynamics or for Extreme Tactical Dynamics reviews, please visit https://www.extremetacticaldynamics.com/ or call 1-888-893-3308.