Extreme Tactical Dynamics Reviews and Reveals Growing List of Purchasing Agencies

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Extreme Tactical Dynamics Growing List of Purchasing Agencies Extreme Tactical Dynamics Growing List of Purchasing Agencies
Extreme Tactical Dynamics Review

Government-approved emergency vehicle lights and sirens vendor Extreme Tactical Dynamics reviews and highlights its growing list of purchasing agencies.

From the U.S Army Military Police in Iraq to Albuquerque’s New Mexico Mounted Patrol, Extreme Tactical Dynamics’ list of purchasing agencies is not only impressive and extensive, but it’s also a list which is continuously growing. Extreme Tactical Dynamics owner and founder Chris Dallmann offers a closer look at the dozens of agencies which now turn to the Florida-based emergency vehicle lights and sirens vendor for their vital and much relied upon equipment.

“From the Knox County Sheriff Office in Knoxville, Tennessee, to the Southwest Fire Department in Auburn, Alabama, and Katonah-Bedford Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps, based in Bedford Hills, New York, our products are today utilized by agencies across the United States,” reveals Dallmann.

Extreme Tactical Dynamics’ products are also employed by the San Antonio Police Department, based out of San Antonio, Texas, Athens-Clarke County Police of Athens, Georgia, and the Gainesboro Sheriff Department of Gainesboro, Tennessee. NYS Courts, of Staten Island, New York, and the Liberty Fire Department, based in Valparaiso, Indiana, are also purchasing agencies and valued customers of Extreme Tactical Dynamics.

The list also includes the New Mexico Mounted Patrol from Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Sipesville Volunteer Fire Company of Somerset, Pennsylvania, the Safety Harbor Fire Department of Safety Harbor, Florida, Four Seasons Emergency, based in Rochester, Minnesota, and the Duncan Chapel Fire Department which can be found in Greensville, South Carolina.

Extreme Tactical Dynamics also counts the New Orleans Police of New Orleans, Louisiana, and the Palmview Police Department of Palmview, Texas, among its customers and purchasing agencies across the United States.

“A further five agencies include Potter County Fire in Amarillo, Texas, the Mineral County Sheriff Office in Hawthorne, Nevada, the Pearl River County Emergency Operations Center in Poplarville, Mississippi, NMFD, in Jefferson City, Tennessee, and the Maui Police Department, based in Paia, Hawaii,” adds Dallmann.

Overseas agencies and businesses supplied by Extreme Tactical Dynamics include Off Road Leisure, based in South Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom.

Back in the United States, meanwhile, a further half-dozen agencies also supplied by Extreme Tactical Dynamics are the Broward Sheriff Office in Miramar, Florida, the Orange County Sheriff Office in Orlando, Florida, the Jupiter Police Department of Jupiter, Florida, the Martin County Sheriff Office of Martin County, again in Florida, plus the Matoaka Police Department of Princeton, West Virginia, and Gainesville Police of Braselton, Georgia.

Extreme Tactical Dynamics also supplies the U.S Army Military Police in Iraq.

Established more than a decade ago, Extreme Tactical Dynamics has remained committed to making the purchase of off-road and emergency vehicle lights, sirens, and accessories online both straightforward and affordable since 2007. To learn more about Extreme Tactical Dynamics, or for Extreme Tactical Dynamics reviews, please visit https://www.extremetacticaldynamics.com/.