Extreme Tactical Dynamics shares details of its specialized LED emergency vehicle lights

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Extreme Tactical Dynamics Emergency Lighting Vehicles Extreme Tactical Dynamics Emergency Lighting Vehicles

Specialized LED emergency vehicle lights firm boss reflects on business success, positive feedback and reviews, and reveals more about the company’s products.

Established in 2005, Extreme Tactical Dynamics, based in Jupiter, Florida, has remained committed to making the purchase of emergency vehicle lights and accessories online both straightforward and affordable. Here, the company’s founder and boss share details of Extreme Tactical Dynamics’ specialized LED lights, sirens, accessories, and more.

“At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, first responders are provided with a wide range of high-quality, specialized LED lights, fully capable of standing up to the many rigorous safety requirements and security tasks called for by their emergency medical service vehicles, fire trucks, and police cars, as well as secondary volunteer vehicles,” explains boss Chris Dallmann.

Previously involved in corporate retail and marketing, the former Walmart intern district manager spotted a gap in the niche market of emergency vehicle light sales. His business acumen subsequently saw him target the first responder market, leaving Walmart to establish Extreme Tactical Dynamics in 2005.

“At the time, a major complaint among those in the first responder market was that high-quality emergency vehicle lights were not only difficult to obtain but were also far too expensive,” reveals Dallmann.

In the years since the company has gained a loyal client base thanks to its dedicated approach to customer service and complete buyer satisfaction. Extreme Tactical Dynamics reviews reflect this, with countless professionals commending both the firm’s level of customer service and the brightness, durability and outstanding performance of the emergency lights on offer.

Further to the company’s popular LED light bars, Extreme Tactical Dynamics also offers emergency strobe lights and emergency vehicle sirens, as well as control boxes, brackets, and other accessories.

Offering industry-leading warranties and as a government-approved vendor, Extreme Tactical Dynamics currently boasts over 5,750 customer reviews. “Our lights illuminate even the darkest nights,” explains boss Chris, “as praised in many of Extreme Tactical Dynamics’ reviews online and elsewhere.”

“What’s more, we’re always on hand to help clients select the very best light set-ups for their vehicles,” he adds, wrapping up, “and to assist with any technical problems, complaints with previous non-Extreme Tactical Dynamics solutions, or to answer or address any other questions or concerns.”

Extreme Tactical Dynamics’ offices and showroom are open 10am-4pm, Monday through Friday at 1410 Park Lane South Suite 4, Jupiter, Fl 33458. To learn more about Extreme Tactical Dynamics or for Extreme Tactical Dynamics reviews, please visit https://www.extremetacticaldynamics.com/ or call 1-888-893-3308.