Farrier Eliot Pargament Offers Spring Horse Care Tips

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Eliot Pargament is a farrier and business owner. Presently, Eliot Pargament provides his services to those in and around Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware. He can be reached at (703) 727-5281, or [email protected].

Spring is just around the corner and it’s almost time to prepare for spring equine training. Before you begin, Eliot Pargament, a Certified Farrier and graduate of Tucson School of Horseshoeing, advises taking a few important precautions to ensure your horse is in good health. Here are his tips.Eliot Pargament Arkansas

First, Eliot Pargament advises checking your horse for blanket rubs which may have occurred as a result of winter bundling. Use soothing products with an aloe base, such as Bag Balm, to soothe the skin.

Next, schedule an appointment with your equine dentist. As a rule of thumb, horses should have their teeth checked twice yearly. Eliot Pargament suggests having a mouth checkup before you start riding to ensure there are no issues before putting a bit in their mouth.

Your farrier should also pay a visit each spring. This is important regardless of whether they were active throughout the winter or had a break in the paddock. The farrier will ensure the hooves are shod or trimmed correctly so you can safely begin spring exercises. Remember to check and clean your horse’s feet twice daily as well. This will ensure there’s nothing lodged in the shoe and provide an opportunity to detect issues like cracks or signs of thrush.

Finally, Eliot Pargament advises getting your horse’s vaccinations. The veterinarian can tell you what shots they will need based on factors such as age, location, and conditions in the area. The veterinarian will also let you know if your horse is a healthy weight and if they need any dietary changes. On a similar note, watch out for over-grazing. Spring grasses may contain high amounts of water but little fiber, leading a horse to graze more than they should. Eating too much sugary grass can result in a serious condition called founder, which can be fatal if not addressed right away. Limit your horse’s time at pasture until they’ve become accustomed to the fresh grass.

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Eliot Pargament has been a farrier since 2011. After graduating from the Tuscon School of Horseshoeing, he completed a training program at the “Harvard” of horseshoeing, the Kentucky Horse Shoeing School in Richmond. After apprenticing in the Washington D.C. area, Eliot Pargament started his business Metro Farrier Services. He has worked closely with an expert farrier known for his skillful handling of difficult shoeing procedures, and served as an assistant instructor at the University of Maryland. Eliot Pargament has been a traveling farrier at several rodeos. He also continues his education via various training seminars and competitions around the U.S. and in Hamburg, Germany. Eliot services the Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., and Delaware area.