Female CEO, Tania Tomyn, a Leader in Multifamily High Rise Interiors Industry

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Female CEO Tania Tomyn a Leader in Multifamily High Rise Interiors Industry Female CEO Tania Tomyn a Leader in Multifamily High Rise Interiors Industry

RetroLock Corporation, led by Tania Tomyn, offers clients a one of a kind experience.
Even in today’s modern society, it is not very common to see women leading large companies in the construction industry. Tania Tomyn, CEO of RetroLock Corporation (also known as RLC), knew she had to set her interior finish and sub-contracting company apart from the others to be successful. RetroLock Corporation is thriving and continues to take on high-profile projects in California as a leader in interior finish scopes.

Clients find a different approach to design-build or design-assist through Retrolock. Developers and projects need to reduce costs but not reduce the quality of design intent. Interior scopes such as doors, frames, hardware, finish carpentry, millwork, and access control all are critical to how the project is identified in the end by users. Tania Tomyn is raising the bar by going a step further to guide her clients through creating their vision down to the final installation. Finally, a company that can bring together all the fine details for a high-quality result!

Excellent customer service and delivering measurable value is a core value for Tania Tomyn and her team at RetroLock. Throughout her career of owning many businesses, she has always been at the forefront. Clients receive the most value possible by having so many services at their fingertips, all through the same company! This allows clients to his budgets with chosen design goals, making RetroLock the best solution for all interior finish needs.

Retrolock / RLC is pushing the limits with design-assist. Tania Tomyn says “we must deliver higher brand value. There are good competitors in our market. RLC is pushing the boundaries by getting in early with the General Contractors and Developers and working with the designer and architect to hit design intent and budget. That is the trick and RLC has a large group of design-assist staff. RLC has even challenged our strategic vendors to be part of the process. “
Based in Orange, Ca., and Concord, Ca., RetroLock Corporation continues to see quick and substantial growth with a new location now operating in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Montana. Tania Tomyn leads her team in a positive direction with a focus on investing in clients’ specific needs. For more information visit: www.retrolock.com.