First Fully Female CEO panel for AMAC Includes Stephanie Morgan

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Stephanie Morgan is proud to participate in the 2018 AMAC Convention as a CEO panelist.

Stephanie Morgan
Stephanie Morgan

Stephanie Morgan has always flown way above the bar of expectancy throughout her professional life. Yet, out of her many accomplishments, one recent experience ranks among the top. During the AMAC Convention, Morgan was able to be a CEO Panelist and a representative for her airport brand. This would have been an accomplishment for anyone. However, what makes the experience even sweeter is that this all-women CEO Panel was the first of its kind.

In addition to being chosen by her airport to represent them, Stephanie Morgan feels as though she made history. It is not every day that a person gets to make a statement like that. Stephanie Morgan is certainly pleased to have the opportunity. Plus, she was honored to speak with other female professionals in her industry.

The Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport Authority hired Stephanie Morgan in May 2017. Even though Morgan was highly qualified for the position, the transition to managing a team came with its challenges. Yet, Morgan was able to handle the change with grace and clarity. It did not take her long to assume her role naturally and excel.

Eventually, Morgan settled into her role. Once she found stability, she pursued a new feat. Recently, Stephanie Morgan became a Certified Member of the AAAE. While this is not a job requirement, the honor grants her perks that help her achieve her industry goals. This was a big deal for Stephanie Morgan. Stephanie Morgan is keen to qualify herself for ascension within the aviation ranks whenever she has the opportunity.

All-Women CEO Panel

Five equally established women sat alongside Morgan at the Seattle AMAC Conference. Each of these women came from different airports throughout the United States to represent their area of expertise. All the women chosen were highly qualified and renowned within the aviation industry.

Thus, this was not only a learning experience for Stephanie Morgan; it was also an example of her aspirations. Morgan has goals for herself within this industry that she is going after passionately. Getting the chance to speak and connect with these successful women in her field helps create shining examples of hope.

Next Adventure

Stephanie Morgan is excited to continue advancing her aviation career. She knows her worth, her value, and how much this experience means to her. Therefore, she is going to do her best to take what she learned and implement it in her job. Despite being a valuable entity in the company, Stephanie Morgan knows there is always something to learn. Thus, she will always be ready to accept a new challenge.

To close, Stephanie Morgan still cannot believe that her occupation gave her such a treasured memory. Learning and taking on new experiences has always been a part of Morgan’s nature. Yet, her tenacity and conviction still astound her. Stephanie Morgan hopes to participate in more panels in the future. Specifically, Morgan hopes to take advantage of the experience again this coming year.