Fitness Enthusiast Jack Debrabander Releases His Top 3 Power Foods Every Athlete Should Be Eating

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Jack Debrabander Jack Debrabander

Fitness enthusiast Jack Debrabander releases his top three power foods every athlete should be eating.

Nutrition is an essential part of fitness, and fitness enthusiasts like Jack Debrabander emphasize that some foods can be more beneficial than others. According to Jack Debrabander, recovery is one of the most important parts of a regular exercise routine, and several power foods can help bodies recover more quickly than others.

Jack Debrabander
Jack Debrabander

Similarly, Jack Debrabander states that some foods can provide superior lasting energy that others, allowing for longer, more fulfilling workouts. Debrabander also explains that all power foods are whole, natural foods. They’re not processed and are rarely packaged. Most true power foods can be found in nature.

“Eggs are a power food many athletes consume on a daily basis. That’s because eggs are rich in vitamins and nutrients, like vitamins B12 and B6,” Jack Debrabander says. “They provide the lasting energy we as athletes need to power through our workouts, and if you shop wisely, they’re all-natural and affordable.”

Jack Debrabander explains that quinoa is another go-to power food he consumes almost on a daily basis. He explains that quinoa is jammed with more protein than other grains. Quinoa is also packed with amino acids and a variety of minerals to provide energy that can last far longer than your workout.

“Snacking is difficult to avoid throughout the day, so if you’re going to snack, I suggest choosing another power food,” Jack Debrabander says. “Trail mix and seeds are energy-packed foods that are easy to snack on the go.”

Jack Debrabander explains that athletes should choose peanut butter, trail mix, or seeds as opposed to chips or crackers. It’s important to choose snacks that provide protein and lasting energy as opposed to those that are calorie-packed without supplying vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

“I know not everybody loves quinoa, eggs, or trail mix,” Jack Debrabander says. “But while my top three power foods may vary from those of other athletes, the core concepts remain the same.”

Jack Debrabander emphasizes that athletes consume whole foods without refined sugars or grains. He explains that healthy proteins, like eggs, nuts, chicken, and fish, should be chosen over fatty, less-nutritious proteins like sausage or bacon. Finally, Jack Debrabander explains that proper hydration is an essential part of keeping your power levels high throughout your workout and throughout the day. He explains that all athletes should drink two cups of water before a workout, and always replace water lost through sweat afterwards.

“The key is to eat natural foods packed with protein and nutrients for longer-lasting power,” Jack Debrabander says. “And water, of course, is one of the most important elements of a healthy athletic lifestyle.”