Fitness Enthusiast Jack Estes Debrabander Explains the Top Post-Workout Foods You Should Be Eating

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Jack Estes Debrabander Jack Estes Debrabander

Fitness enthusiast Jack Estes Debrabander describes the top post-workout foods every athlete should be eating.

Physical fitness is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, and eating the correct foods following a workout can drastically improve results. Fitness enthusiast Jack Estes Debrabander recently released his list of top post-workout foods. These foods are ones that will help build muscle, promote muscle recovery, and prepare the athlete for the next big workout.

“It’s all about consuming the correct combination of vitamins, protein, and carbs that can repair muscles and replace glycogen stores used during the workout,” Jack Estes Debrabander said.

Jack Estes Debrabander suggested eating a snack within 45 minutes of completing a workout, and not being afraid of healthy fats. Some of the healthy fats Jack Estes Debrabander suggests consuming are avocado, nuts, nut butters, and flax seeds.

Fitness enthusiasts like Jack Estes Debrabander explain that the food athletes eat following the workout should be related to the intensity of the exercise they performed. Endurance athletes should consume post-workout meals high in carbohydrates, while strength-training athletes should consume more protein.

“After a day of heavy lifting, I often reach for protein shakes, Greek yogurt, eggs, or a lean meat like chicken or turkey,” Jack Estes Debrabander said. “However, if I just performed a long-distance run, I’ll opt for foods higher in carbs, like oatmeal, sweet potatoes, or whole-grain cereal.”

Jack Estes Debrabander explained that it’s always important to consume foods that are easily digested. That means the nutrients are absorbed more quickly, allowing the body to recover more quickly. He described that whole foods, without artificial ingredients or added sugars, should be chosen whenever possible.

“One of the most important things to remember when putting together your post-workout snack is that it should be as natural as possible,” Jack Estes Debrabander said. “Cottage cheese and natural Greek yogurt are protein-packed yet healthy treats, while quinoa is a whole food that’s rich in carbs.”

Fitness enthusiasts like Jack Estes Debrabander explain that while they do prefer certain foods, it’s the concept of consuming whole foods, rich in healthy proteins, carbs, vitamins, and minerals, that is most important.

“My favorite post-workout foods may be cottage cheese, sweet potatoes, and avocados,” Jack Estes Debrabander said. “But those flavors aren’t for everyone, so it’s most important that athletes focus on consuming the correct food for their workout, whether endurance or strength-building. A focus on whole foods is also always recommended.”

Jack Estes Debrabander added that water consumption before, during, and following a workout is just as essential to the recovery process as eating the correct foods.

“Match your post-workout nutrition with enough water to replace what was lost during your workout, and you’re on the right path to a healthier lifestyle,” Jack Estes Debrabander finished.