Fitness Expert and Athletic Apex Creator Randall Hunt Discusses the Importance of Exercise for People Over 50

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Randall Hunt Randall Hunt

Fitness expert and Athletic Apex creator Randall Hunt discusses the importance of exercise for people over 50, and how it can prevent numerous medical issues.

People over the age of 50 can see countless benefits from regular exercise. Fitness expert and creator of Athletic Apex gyms Randall Hunt explains the importance of exercise for this particular age group.
“The older people get, the less they tend to exercise,” Randall Hunt says. “But the over-50 age group arguably needs to exercise more than any other.”
Randall Hunt and other fitness experts agree that exercising over 50 can combat the loss of bone mass, risk of cardiac disease, slowing metabolism and more. Regular exercise can keep many of the medical issues associated with getting older at bay. It can help prevent type II diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.
“More exercise generally means less medication, especially when paired with a healthy diet,” Randall Hunt says. “It’s essential to get up and move, even with a hectic work schedule, children, grandchildren, and other obligations.”
Fitness enthusiasts like Randall Hunt emphasize that working out as humans age is directly correlated to a higher quality of life. Maintaining strength and flexibility means enjoying a wide range of movement and fewer injuries. Physical health undoubtedly improves with exercise, and mental health does as well. Regular exercise can help the brain stay sharp and relieve stress.
Randall Hunt also states that older people don’t need to exercise the same as they did in their younger years to enjoy the benefits. Hunt recommends low-impact physical activities to reduce the risk of injury.
“It’s important to make exercise enjoyable, so you’ll do it more often,” Randall Hunt says. “Gather a group of friends and hit the gym, go for a brisk walk, or take bike rides with your guys. Varying your exercise routines can also help work a wider variety of muscles.”
Exercise over 50 is as much about being happy as it is being healthy. Getting out and exercising means more time spent socializing, more time outdoors, and an improved overall mood. Randall Hunt explains that those who exercise over the age of 50 also tend to be happier, because they feel better, have more energy, and spend less time resting due to injury or weakness.
“The benefits of exercise are infinite,” Randall Hunt finishes. “Regular physical activity can have such a great impact on the lives of those over 50. I urge everyone over 50 to consult with a physician first, then get out and get moving.”