Stay Committed to Your Fitness Routine with Tips from Eric Buschbacher

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Eric Buschbacher Eric Buschbacher

If you struggle with consistency in your at-home fitness routine, try implementing these suggestions from Eric Buschbacher.

Many people try to implement a healthier lifestyle but can’t stay consistent with their routines. Whether you want to lose weight, improve mental health, or work on cardiovascular endurance, consistency is key to see the results you’re looking for. With constant distractions from life and a limited amount of time in the day, it may seem overwhelming or impossible to commit to a fitness routine. However, Eric Buschbacher explains that with prioritization and internal motivation, you can stay on track even during difficult times. 

The first proven tactic recommended by Eric Buschbacher is strategic goal setting. Making a vague goal, such as losing 30 pounds, has a lower success rate than making a clear goal with steps. Eric Buschbacher suggests making goals fun, like going for a bike ride three times a week or taking strength training classes online. Start with a small goal and write clear steps for reaching it.

Next, Eric Buschbacher recommends prioritizing your time. Keep a log of what you do each day. It will help you realize how much time you really do have, for example, the extra time you spent pressing the snooze button, the amount of time you spent watching tv or spent on social media during a given day.  Although everyone’s amount of time spent each day will vary, Eric Buschbacher wants to stress that prioritization is crucial for making the most out of your home fitness journey. 

Commit to your fitness routine by making a consistent schedule. Eric Buschbacher notes that this works exceptionally well because you reserve time in your daily life before planning anything else. One of the best times to workout is in the morning because you release endorphins, which can help you set a positive tone for the rest of the day. According to Eric Buschbacher, you will be happy knowing that your workout is out of the way, and satisfied with yourself for having the willpower to get it done. 

Next,  Eric Buschbacher recommends creating a network of people who will support you and motivate you to reach your goals. It’s easy to accomplish this by connecting with others who are on the same journey as you are. You can also connect with people who enjoy the same fitness interests as you. Eric Bushbacher recommends joining an online fitness support group in addition to online group fitness classes so that you can stay accountable and social.

Finally, don’t be afraid to change up your workouts. Although keeping a consistent schedule is important, doing the same workout time and time again might get boring. If you love cardio, Eric Buschbacher suggests trying different routes in the neighborhood or jumping rope in the backyard. You can also try something new like starting a zoom session with your friends to workout together online.  It will keep you engaged and in touch. Set a schedule and stick to it! If you need help getting started, Eric Buschbacher recommends contacting a personal trainer to help you create a personalized fitness plan.