Five Fantastic Reasons for Students to Choose ICON’s Luxury Living Space

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Where do you want to live while you pursue your degree? Forget the unheated garret or ivory tower usually associated with higher learning; today’s savvy students choose luxurious living spaces with all the mod cons as an advantageous aspect of their college education. What are the benefits of living at ICON Students Waterloo? Let us count the ways!


  1. Convenience and Close Proximity


ICON is literally across the street from the University of Waterloo campus, and very close to Wilfred Laurier. That means you can get along very well without a car, which is an important consideration for many students, including international ones and those who simply don’t want to worry about the expense of upkeep, gas, and parking.


Living at ICON Students Waterloo, you’re just minutes to University Avenue and King Street, where you can grab a bite or a drink — anything from Asian fusion to a quick cuppa from Timmy’s — The location allows you the opportunity to dance the night away without making a long trekk, or to easily and quickly stock up on staples. Other destinations are an easy bike ride or bus trip away: Conestoga Mall, Walmart, and several beautiful parks for when you want to commune with nature.


  1. It’s a Breeze to Move In (and Out)


There are three distinct floor plans, suitable for two, three, or four residents. Each has a large, open-concept kitchen and living room area, plus a spacious bedroom with one or two double beds, separated from one another by the gorgeous, modern washroom. The Rubix and Quad units boast two full baths with beautiful glass showers and granite countertops, so there’s no squabbling over who’s taking too long with their morning ablutions.


Students who live in a standard dormitory or who rent off-campus flats find themselves struggling at the end of the spring semester with a van-load of furniture that must be relocated or put in storage. If you’ve ever had to furnish your own place from scratch, you know how odious, not to mention expensive, is to acquire a bed, dresser, nightstand, couch, chairs, dining table, etc. all at once – ICON suites come fully set up with modern furnishing packages.


What’s more, every ICON property comes equipped with all the modern conveniences you could ask for: an in-suite washer and dryer, a 42” flatscreen television, and high-end, stainless steel kitchen appliances.


When you lease at ICON Students Waterloo, all you need to move are your clothes, school supplies, and personal items. Everything else is already in place!


  1. Quiet Spots Help You Focus on Your Studies


Let’s face it; when the winter winds are howling or a snowstorm rages, the last thing you want to do is trek all the way across campus to the library. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to throw on a hoodie and house shoes, and instead head to ICON’s dedicated study rooms? There, you’ll find a quiet place to cram for that chemistry test, write a paper for poly-sci, or brush up on British lit. 


There are individual study spaces for when you need solitude, as well as larger ones that can accommodate small groups or a student and their tutor.


  1. ICON Is Where the Fun Is


When you call ICON Students Waterloo your home, you won’t have to venture far to have tons of fun. Of course, a night spent painting the town red is always enjoyable, but when it comes to weeknight diversions or lazy Sunday afternoon, there’s no place like ICON. Challenge your roommate to a game of table tennis, shoot some hoops on the rooftop basketball court, or forget all about your stress while you chase the high score of your favorite arcade games. 


Not feeling competitive? See what’s playing at the onsite movie theatre. Relax in front of the lounge’s cozy fireplace. Or, head up to the rooftop lounge and soak in the sun.


  1. Staying Fit Couldn’t Be Simpler


A university education challenges and expands your mind, but it’s up to each individual student to make sure they get enough physical exercise. The workout facilities at ICON Students Waterloo make it super-easy to get your sweat on!

Whether you like to lift, run on a treadmill, use the elliptical trainer, or do a little downward dog to keep yourself centered, there’s no better place to do it than the fully equipped, state-of-the-art, 24-hour fitness center and yoga studio. With free wifi throughout the common spaces, including the fitness center, you can easily stream energizing tunes, follow a HIIT video, or listen to a podcast while you work out.


There you have it: five fantastic reasons to choose the next generation of student living at ICON. ICON Students Waterloo is now accepting applications for May and September 2020. Get started by taking a tour to see what we’re all about.