Flatbush, Brooklyn Apartment Building Restored By Barry Hers

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Barry Hers Renovated Flatbush Brooklyn Apartment Building Barry Hers Renovated Flatbush Brooklyn Apartment Building

Barry Hers Shares the Tale of His Renovated Flatbush, Brooklyn Apartment Building

Barry Hers – Flatbush Brooklyn Apartments

Property investor and real estate professional Barry Hers shed some light on the background of his renovated Prospect Lefferts Gardens area apartment building.


Following a multi-million dollar renovation project, real estate industry professional and property investor Barry Hers shares a closer look at his building at 60 Clarkson Avenue in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn, close to the attractive residential neighborhood of Prospect Lefferts Gardens.


“I originally purchased the building in 1995,” explains Hers of the property which sits at 60 Clarkson Avenue in the Flatbush area of the borough of Brooklyn.


The site was in a state of complete disrepair, according to Hers, having accrued over 1,500 Department of Housing Preservation and Development violations under its previous owners. “60 Clarkson Avenue was also blighted by another 100 or more building code breaches,” he points out.


Now in possession of the keys to 60 Clarkson Avenue, Hers spent several million dollars renovating the property in order to remedy its building code breaches and other violations. “My team and I transformed 60 Clarkson Avenue into an utterly appealing place to live in the bustling borough of Brooklyn,” recalls the property investor and real estate professional, whose offices are located on 52nd Street, in the southwestern part of the same New York City borough.


Barry Hers in 2019

Today, Barry Hers estimates that he’s poured more than 10 million dollars into renovations and ongoing maintenance at the address. “Having always harbored a desire to help the less fortunate, shortly after completion of the initial renovations, I entered the building into New York’s Emergency Assistance Rental Program in direct response to concerns surrounding growing homelessness in New York City,” he reveals.


The New York native ultimately dedicated the building to the emergency program, first initiated by then-mayor Rudy Giuliani and subsequently favored by Michael Bloomberg. “In doing so, 60 Clarkson Avenue became a place of shelter for less fortunate families and individuals living in the city,” explains Hers.


More recently, however, and with a subsequent administration has taken over the city and its programs, making huge cuts to funding for the homeless and disadvantaged, an end has largely been put to initiatives such as the Emergency Assistance Rental Program of which Hers and his building were apart. “The news,” he adds, “has taken a great emotional toll on me personally.”


Unable, therefore, to continue his efforts, and having selflessly housed over 350 homeless families since 2015 alone, despite receiving no financial compensation, Hers has today been forced to reevaluate the rent-stabilized nature of operations at the address. “I think it’s now time,” he adds, wrapping up “for the start of a new era at 60 Clarkson Avenue.”