Football Coach Andy Townsend’s Tips for Student-Athletes to Improve Between Seasons

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Andy Townsend Football Coach Andy Townsend Football Coach

The 2019-2020 football season may be drawing to a close, but for serious athletes, there’s just enough time to catch a breath before next-season prep. A lifelong athlete, he has spent the past 14 years coaching, assisting, and managing football teams in Texas and Tennessee, including two national champions. Football Coach Andy Townsend is here to share a few tips for athletes to get a leg up on training before the next season begins.

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First of all, football coach Andy Townsend says what all successful people know well: “practice makes perfect.” Even in-between seasons, make time to practice your sport as often as possible. As author Malcolm Gladwell said in his book “Outliers: The Story of Success,” based on his study of some of the world’s most successful people, it takes about 10,000 hours of repeatedly practicing a task to perfect it. Football Coach Andy Townsend advises to determine what specific skills you need for your position and hone in on those before you work on others.

Secondly, when you’re not on the field, put in time at the gym. Focus on building strength, endurance, and muscle mass. Fitness experts recommend to build muscle effectively, do a few sets, with a few reps each, at your max or near-max weight. For instance, you might warm up with two sets of 10 reps at a lightweight, then do five sets of five reps at a much higher weight. Ideally, by the final rep, you should be almost unable to lift the weight. Make a workout schedule and keep a record of your progress. Along the same vein, he stresses the importance of eating a balanced diet high in protein and low in refined sugars.

Finally, he is a big believer in football camps and even designed a camp app available for iPhone and Android to help student-athletes find a camp in their area. Some that he recommends include Football University, 1UP, VTO Sports Combine, and NFL Prep 100 Series. Camps are the ideal opportunity for serious athletes to receive tips and training from industry pros who know what college and professional league recruiters are looking for.

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Football Coach Andy Townsend earned his bachelor’s degree from East Texas Baptist University in kinesiology and a master’s degree from Greenville University in coaching. He’s been on the staff of two national champions: Texas A&M Commerce (2017) and Navarro Bulldogs (2010). Part of the inaugural football class at ETBU in 2000 and a 2004 graduate, he has since held multiple titles including Associate Head Coach, Director of Football Operations, Offensive Line Coach, Defensive line Coach, and Tight Ends Coach. Andy Townsend Football Coach also founded the Lone Star Pro Day held at Texas A&M Commerce, which gives players from small schools an opportunity to showcase their talents to NFL personnel. Throughout the years, Football Coach Andy Townsend has coached multiple players who have gone on to play in the NFL, including DJ Hayden, Ethan Westbrook, Dustin Vaughan, Craig Watts, Luis Perez, and Michael Onuoha.