Former Law Enforcement Officer and Boat Captain Skip Drish Has More Than 30 Years of Combined Experience in Military, Policing, Emergency Response and Construction

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Skip Drish Years of Combined Experience in Military Policing Emergency Response and Construction Skip Drish Years of Combined Experience in Military Policing Emergency Response and Construction

Skip Drish is the kind of man who could never settle on just one career, so he pursued all of his interests simultaneously, resulting in a fascinating life that has allowed him to dabble in all of his interests.

As a young man, Skip Drish went into law enforcement, first in the United States Army and later in Chicago, Illinois he then served at 2 additional departments departing as a Captain on the department Skip Drish also received his State of Florida Law Enforcement Certifications, and eventually, internationally. For more than three decades, Drish provided law enforcement services in state and local governments, as well as medical services, and security and investigations support ranging from VIP Chief Operator and BLS (Basic Life Support) First Responder Instructor to consulting and training in firearms & taser instructor for law enforcement.

Drish left a couple of years ago with the rank of police captain after a 30-year career in law enforcement in order to concentrate on a few of his other interests: running a construction company and captaining a charter boat.

Across the Globe

Skip Drish enjoyed a wide-ranging career in law enforcement that took him around the world, where he interacted with and helped train and support military personnel. Drish provided continued training and mentoring as a Dignitary Operator Trainer and as a Military Police and Investigations staffer (Criminal Investigations Division) in Europe. He also served on an Emergency Response Unit (ERU) Border Patrol in Czechoslovakia.

Surveillance Expertise and Instructor Experience

Skip Drish has gained considerable expertise in surveillance operations, skills honed over a long law enforcement career, including:

  • Low/High Voltage Certification for Surveillance/Counter Surveillance Measures
  • International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI)
  • International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA)

Skip Drish successfully provided consultation and training services for government and state and local agencies in law enforcement training, firearms and less lethal protocols. A BLS Trainer, Drish is CPR-AED, First Aid and Search & Rescue certified. He is proficient with airboat, ATV, and motor and equestrian operation.

Skip Drish is also a consultant for range operation for firearm manufacturers and Advanced Driving Techniques (VIP Services), as well as a Gang and Terrorism Task Force Officer and Homeland Security Advisor in the U.S and abroad.

A Captain on the Water

During his time in law enforcement and since his retirement from the field, Skip Drish has also provided safe vessel operations for more than two decades. Skip Drish currently holds a 100-ton boat captain’s license and completes boat charters.

Previously, Skip Drish was Chief of Operations and BLS First Responder Instructor while overseeing the training department for a marina’s boat services. Drish has 20 years of combined experience in the military, FEMA and has been certified in Emergency Response First Responder and Firearm Instruction on the water (Maritime Piracy Prevention).

His boating and law enforcement careers intersected for many years, when Skip Drish has provided continued training & mentoring throughout the world for maritime operators.

Construction Services Provider

A skilled craftsman with an impressive portfolio of construction training and knowledge, Skip Drish also has more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry. In addition to his boating interests, Drish has augmented his professional activities by orchestrating the successful growth and expansion of his entities through years of strategic planning, controlled investments and market forecasting related to the construction industry, primarily in Florida.

Drish now leads a national workforce and continues to investigate further expansion opportunities. Skip Drish’s tremendous success in the electrical and construction fields has served as the catalyst for attaining an ownership position in companies performing those services.