Former Lexus Product Quality Leader Bruce Shibuya Discusses the Top New Vehicles Entering the Market for 2021

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Bruce Shibuya Bruce Shibuya

Former Lexus design team member Bruce Shibuya discusses the top new cars and trucks entering the market for 2021.

The latest and greatest vehicles for 2021 are hitting the market soon. Former Lexus design team member and vehicle design expert Bruce Shibuya recently released his list of the top new cars and trucks for 2021.

“Every year is more exciting than the last,” Bruce Shibuya says. “The latest models for 2021, will not disappoint, with never-before-seen improvements to the Cadillac Escalade, Chevy Stingray, Porche 911, and more.”

Bruce Shibuya explains that some of the best vehicles arriving by 2021 have never been seen by consumers. For example, the Polestar lineup is an entirely new sub-brand offered by Volvo. The first vehicle is the Polestar 1, a plug-in hybrid coupe that is proving hybrid cars can be high-performance too.

“There are only 200 Polestar 1, vehicles allocated for the North American market,” Bruce Shibuya says. “We expect this spectacular vehicle to be one of the most sought-after.”

Following the high-performance hybrid trend, Audi will be releasing the 2021 Audi e-tron GT with a 590 horsepower battery-driven powertrain. This luxury vehicle is expected to have incredible handling and power, as one of the most innovative electric vehicles ever released.

“In addition to major innovations in electric vehicles, we’re seeing classics, like the Chevy Stingray and Porche 911 undergo major improvements,” Bruce Shibuya says. “These are some of my top vehicles for 2021, because they feature advancements made to vehicles we’ve all loved for decades. I hate to see classics leave the industry, and that’s not happening any time soon for the Porche 911 or Stingray.”

Bruce Shibuya also explains the popularity of vans and trucks in North America have led to some major advancements for larger vehicles as well. The new Mercedes-Benz Metris Weekender will be a major favorite for young travelers as a van slightly modified into an RV. Sold straight from Mercedes, Bruce Shibuya explains what looks like a minivan actually sleeps four comfortable with a pop-up loft, USB ports, a secondary battery, optional solar panels, and more.

“Off-grid vehicle adventures are a rising trend in the industry, and Mercedes one of the companies leading the charge,” Bruce Shibuya says. “This is one of the most unique and exciting vehicles I’ve seen in a while. However, it’s not cheap.”

The Mercedes-Benz Metris Weekender is expected to cost around $70,000.

Bruce Shibuya and other vehicle experts explain we can expect to see even more heavy-duty trucks, stylish and high-powered hybrid vehicles, major improvements on the classics, and some brand-new, eye-catching sports cars in 2021.

The newest 2021 models are expected to be released as early as spring 2020. However, they won’t be seen on dealership floors until about halfway through the year.