Former Morgan Stanley Broker Douglas Greenberg Shares Love of Hiking

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Douglas Greenberg Love of Hiking Douglas Greenberg Love of Hiking

Experienced broker Douglas Greenberg reflects on his passion for hiking as he prepares for a new challenge later this year.


Douglas Greenberg

Defined as ‘a long, vigorous walk, usually on trails, and in rural landscapes,’ hiking is a hugely popular activity both in the U.S. and globally, with established hiking organizations today in operation worldwide. Here, former Morgan Stanley broker Douglas Greenberg shares his love of hiking and reflects on the health benefits as he prepares to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania later this year.


“The 8.5-mile trail to the summit of Mount Washington, New Hampshire, is the oldest continually used hiking trail in the United States,” reveals Greenberg, who today is settled over 3,000 miles west in Lake Oswego, Oregon.


The coastal state of Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest, is particularly well known for its diverse landscapes which incorporate a combination of forests, mountains, farmland, beaches, and more. “Accordingly, much of Oregon is widely praised for its hiking opportunities,” notes Greenberg, whose home in Lake Oswego is just 10 miles from downtown Portland.


“The city of Portland, in addition to being a popular base for keen hikers wishing to explore the many forest trails and mountains in the surrounding areas, is further famed for its culture, today home to an abundance of trendy coffee shops, microbreweries, and farm-to-table restaurants,” reveals the experienced broker, known for specializing in asset allocation and alternative investments.


America’s many national parks also offer some of the best hiking, not just in the country, but internationally, according to Greenberg. “Yosemite and Sequoia are particularly well recognized for their excellent hiking,” he adds. Elsewhere, some of the nation’s best known and most trekked hiking trails include the famous Appalachian Trail, running from Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine to Georgia, and the Pacific Crest Trail, a complete border-to-border trail between Canada and Mexico.


“From staying in shape and helping to prevent heart disease and high blood pressure, hiking also has many health benefits,” reveals Greenberg. Studies have also demonstrated that hiking can help to improve and maintain mental health, slow the aging process, prevent osteoporosis, and more.


Looking for a new challenge, Greenberg is set to travel to Tanzania later this year to hike Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro.


Undertaking the climb with his two grown-up sons, the Greenbergs will first travel through grassland and jungle before reaching alpine forests and arctic tundra as they ascend the infamous almost 6,000-meter-tall mountain. The family’s trip is scheduled for June 2019.


In addition to hiking, the University of Texas at Dallas graduate, former Morgan Stanley broker, and father-of-two Douglas Greenberg’s other passions include following live sports, skiing, sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and wine tasting. Raised in Dallas, Texas, Portland Timbers fan and season ticket holder Greenberg also owns a curly-coated retriever named Molly and is a keen supporter of a number of charitable organizations and other good causes.