Founder and CEO of Athletic Apex health clubs Randall Hunt explains how his unique Bionetics training methods can heal injuries without a need for surgery

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Randall Hunt Randall Hunt

Founder and CEO of Athletic Apex Randall Hunt released a unique athletic training technique to heal injuries and promote optimal performance. Here, Randall Hunt explains his unique technique, which he calls Bionetics, and how it can be a surgery-free answer to sports injuries, improving athletic performance, and more.

Bionetics, according to Randall Hunt, is an intensive study of the body with the purpose of pinpointing dysfunction with a neuromuscular assessment and correcting that dysfunction to promote optimal performance. Hunt states the assessment takes roughly one hour to complete and involves an in-depth look at the parameters of your body. It determines the specific muscles causing your limitations or pain.

“We’ve had clients come in with excruciating pain in certain muscles. This pain has been limiting their exercise and everyday comfort for years,” Randall Hunt says, “We’re able to give them a neuromuscular assessment in one hour and immediately start them on a plan for healing. Our customers aren’t healed overnight, but they’re healed in weeks or months without any surgery needed.”

The Bionetics program created by Randall Hunt is now used at the United States Olympic Training Center as well as by golfers on the PGA Tour, USPTA tennis professionals, and more. The concept is that athletes can heal injuries and reach peak performance without the permanent structural changes caused by surgery.

Randall Hunt describes that he is no different from his customers, and that’s much of why his Bionetics program is so successful. He knows the ins, outs, and successes of his program because he has used it himself for years.

In 1997, Hunt was involved in a car crash that paralyzed his left arm and resulted in chronic pain. Doctors remarked that he could never use the arm again. However, through the creation of his own Bionetics program, Hunt has relieved the pain associated with this accident and has gone on to place in National Physique Committee physique competitions.

“I began this program while tirelessly searching for a solution to my own muscular issue. I wanted relief and superior performance without major surgery,” Randall Hunt adds. “Now, I have professional athletes from around the world and a variety of sports calling me to help them reach peak performance and eliminate the pain they battle day in and day out.”

The Bionetics, Golfnetics, Cosnetics, and Tennetics programs Randall Hunt promotes can be experienced at his award-winning Athletic Apex health clubs across Florida, New York, and Texas.

“Bionetics is a complete solution for pain,” Randall Hunt finishes, “It’s not just a Band-Aid.”