Foxy Fido Owner Jessica Rose Bocko Discusses Bulldog Health Issues and How Everyday Dog Lovers Can Help

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Jessica Bocko Jessica Bocko

The English bulldog breed is one of the most beloved, but due to selective breeding, these dogs are often at a higher risk for health complications. Jessica Rose Bocko is a bulldog enthusiast as well as the owner of Foxy Fido, LLC. Her website, is a pet clothing and accessory website that does more than simply sell products.

A portion of all sales are sent to a non-profit Jessica Rose Bocko endorses, Road Dogs & Rescue. The goal of this charity is to enrich the lives of bulldogs with medical issues, senior dogs, and puppies with birth defects.

“I feel good about what I do on a daily basis, because every sale I make helps a dog in need,” Jessica Rose Bocko says. “Dogs give so much Jessica Rose Bockoto us, in terms of joy, affection, and love, and this is one way I can give back to them.”

Jessica Rose Bocko also works as a volunteer at the Humane Society of Tampa and fosters sick, injured, or abandoned dogs. She describes that bulldogs are some of the most susceptible to health issues. They often have difficulties breathing, eating, and exercising due to Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome, which is common in all animals with a pushed-in nose like bulldogs.

“I help all dogs whenever I can, but I specifically chose the Road Dogs & Rescue charity, because bulldogs have so many special needs,” Jessica Bocko says. “They struggle with joint and bone disease, breathing issues, skin problems, overheating, eye issues, allergies, and countless other health problems.”

English bulldog health issues are due to years of selectively breeding these dogs to have the features people adore, such as the wrinkled forehead, pushed-in nose, and stocky stature. Breeders continuously attempt to emphasize these features, making the dogs more and more susceptible to health problems, illness, and disease.

Jessica Rose Bocko emphasizes that dog lovers can help by supporting the Road Dogs & Rescue cause by logging onto the website at Here, they can adopt bulldogs, as well as dogs of other types, in need of homes, find a variety of volunteer opportunities, and simply donate as well.

“Every little bit helps this great cause, and that’s why I’m so happy to be able to send a portion of my site’s proceeds to them,” Jessica Rose Bocko adds. “The Road Dogs & Rescue charity gives everyday dog lovers a chance to play a role in saving bulldogs and other dogs in need of medical attention or forever homes.”

Jessica Rose Bocko and fellow dog lovers argue that all dogs deserve a chance, and many times, bulldog puppies aren’t given much of one from the very start.

“This is our chance, as dog lovers, to have a positive impact on the ongoing problem of selective breeding,” Jessica Rose Bocko concludes.