Frank Roach of Atlanta Uses Advanced Tech Like the MoonRay S 3D-Printer In-Office

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Dr Frank Roach Dr Frank Roach

Dentist Frank Roach of Atlanta has earned a reputation for unparalleled service among his patients thanks to an individualized approach to care and his dedication to the latest technology available in the industry. Here, readers gain a better understanding of how the advanced MoonRay S 3D-printer expedites processes and improves overall care.

Frank Roach has served as one of Atlanta’s premiere dentists for decades, staying at the cutting edge of technology and dental procedures. He believes upgraded technology is one of the most important elements of a quality dentist office and frequently invests in new machines to meet patient needs.

By employing the MoonRay S 3D-Printer, he is able to create models of patients’ teeth in-office without requiring third-party services, eliminating wait times and expediting the delivery of dental services.

“Better technology improves the experience for both the patient and the physicians performing the procedure,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “Our dental tech resources have become extremely precise and capable in recent years and are very much worth the investment costs. The MoonRay printer is a perfect example of that.”

When dentists like Frank Roach of Atlanta take impressions of their patients’ teeth, they usually rely on clay molds that take time to harden before being shipped off to a secondary facility. The dentists must then wait for the order to be received by the facility and again when the final products are delivered back to their offices. Using advanced technology like the CEREC Omnicam and the MoonRay S 3D-printer cuts out the secondary facility and allows dentists to create products from molds in-office, expediting processes by days.

Using the MoonRay 3D-printer, Frank Roach of Atlanta gains the ability to create surgical guides, night guards, accurate dental models for vacuum forming, castable crowns, bridges, partials, and more all from his offices. The MoonRay’s durable resin tank holds a maximum of 50 L of resin, which gives dentists plenty of materials to work with before requiring a refill. It’s equipped for powerful, prolonged performance and is easy to setup and even easier to use.

“Upgrades in technology, like the MoonRay printer, allow dentists to provide speedier care and improved resolutions, helping patients rest easier knowing they’re in the most capable hands,” says Dr. Frank Roach.

Through Dr. Roach’s use of sophisticated tools, he provides effective care that requires less from the patient while guaranteeing long-lasting solutions once procedures are complete. His offices consistently upgrade their tools and resources to provide optimal care, looking to advanced procedures like “All-on-Four” implants and products like the CEREC Omnicam impression camera and the MoonRay S 3D-printer.

“Though they may not understand how we’ve upgraded our tech, the satisfaction patients receive and the lasting results they’re given let us know we’re doing right by them,” says Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta.