From Cloth to Construction, Gabriel Btesh Brings Hope and Prosperity to Panama

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GABRIEL BTESH Hope and Prosperity to Panama GABRIEL BTESH Hope and Prosperity to Panama

Gabriel Btesh is a Panamanian native who has propelled the legacy of his family’s business into a legacy of hope.

Growing up in Panama, Gabriel Btesh knew from a young age that he wanted to be an entrepreneur, like his father.

Jack Btesh, Gabriel’s father started his business, in 1959. Btesh Senior sold high-quality clothing and other luxury goods. Some of the brands that made the family business exclusive included St. Michael, cassimere, New Man, Easy Jeans, and Samsonite suitcases.

Gabriel Btesh remained true to his word and passion when after graduating from Chamberlain University in the US, he returned to help his father with the family business.

However, he wasn’t only helping his father. Having experienced international business from a unique perspective, Btesh was ready to take Ben Btesh International to new heights.

Not only did he want to provide quality merchandise and services, he also wanted to help the people of Panama.

Through expansion, job creation, and the construction of opportunity, Gabriel Btesh is bringing hope and prosperity to Panama.


Once Gabriel returned from America, he started to invest the company in other commercial branches.

While still maintaining the basis of what made his father successful, Btesh expanded the business.

It was through real estate construction that Btesh was able to start helping his country.

In the early 1990’s, Btesh landed his first project, The Mall Los Pueblo. Since the mall first opened, it has become the most popular mall in Panama.

Afterward, within the span of twenty years, Btesh built over twenty-four apartment buildings. with luxuries that come at a fair price, these buildings are built extremely well.

The buildings that Btesh creates are built with families in mind. The uniqueness and affordability of these apartments allow tenants to live in a safe and comfortable environment.

Job Creation

In addition to helping raise the bar on architectural integrity throughout Panama, Btesh has also created over 10,000 jobs in ten years.

The reason for this is that Btesh’s projects are creating something out of nothing. Btech employs people to build his projects.

Then, there are new places for businesses to prosper. Once businesses prosper, those entrepreneurs hire other people.

This keeps the economy and the available workload moving in a positive direction.

The Construction of Opportunity

The people who are affected by Btesh’s business aren’t just people looking for a job or a place to live.

Considering that Btesh has also built 5-Star hotels and country clubs for the area, his projects are always bringing in revenue.

However, these projects are also bringing in entertainment.

Ultimately, Btesh uses his resources to enhance the quality of life for his home country.

“Building the family business,” Btesh said, “is also a chance to look towards the progress of Panama.”

In summation, Gabriel Btesh has taken a family business and country to new heights. He has expanded into multiple successful avenues and used that success to bring hope and prosperity to his country.

Btech’s success is irrefutable proof of the possibilities inherent in the passion of the entrepreneurial spirit.