FXDD, A Story of Success for Over 15 Years!

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A global leader in foreign exchange trading, FXDD has had a long history of successes that spans many partnerships and unique achievements. Since the company’s inception over 15 years ago, their success streak has helped distinguish the FXDD platform from competitors and imitators in quality and performance.

FXDD provides a range of services to commercial entities, hedge funds, brokerage firms, money managers, and individual and institutional leaders around the world. Their distinctive offerings (such as their superior customer service and 24-hour trading access) establish the FXDD platform as a global leader in forex trading, but they’ve had a long series of successes that contributed to a worldwide reputation for excellence.

FXDD was initially established in 2002 as part of the Tradition of North America group of companies with a focus on retail clients acquisition. Tradition (North America) was a fully diversified inter-dealer broker in U.S. Capital markets, Canadian and Mexican markets, and foreign exchange, providing a spectrum of brokerage services to banks, corporations and institutions around the world.

From these beginnings, FXDD grew rapidly and became one of the first pioneering firms in the retail industry to work with leading MetaQuote platforms. MetaQuote platforms set the standard for trading by running on personal computers without requiring dedicated or expensive equipment. In 2005, MetaQuotes released its first trading platform version for mobile devices, harnessing growing trends in technology to improve trading for clients.

In 2008, FXDD obtained a membership of the U.S. National Futures Association (NFA) and became a fully-regulated firm in America. This greatly increased their potential and reputation, as the NFA is an industry-wide, self-regulatory organization for the U.S. derivatives industry. It’s the purpose of the NFA to safeguard the integrity of derivatives markets as well as protect investors and ensure members meet regulatory responsibilities. As market dynamics shifted through the years, FXDD made a business decision to focus on other markets and withdraw its membership from the US in 2015.

With the intent to take their business to a grander scale internationally, FXDD joined the Malta Financial Service Association (MFSA) and became a fully-regulated firm in the European Union to offer services across the EU and global market. Similar to the accreditation of the NFA, the MFSA ensures the soundness of financial entities, fair competition, the integrity of the market, and the general interests and legitimate expectations of consumers.

Proving their growing reputation and capability, FXDD moved its headquarters to the 32nd floor of the prestigious World Trade Center building in 2010. In the same year (as well as the following) FXDD became the sponsor for the Red Bull Formula 1 team that won both constructions and drivers championships during its sponsorship. Following this tradition, the trading company became the main sponsor for the Ferrari Racing Team in the United States in 2014. The FXDD Chairman of the board even served as the driver of their racing team.

To improve their offerings and make lasting connections with major institutions, FXDD partnered with Bank of America in 2013. Bank of America has served as the trading company’s main bank for all its financial transactions for over 6 years where a switch to Metropolitan bank of New York was made to divertirse offerings to clients.

In 2017, FXDD began offering trading services on the elite Metatrader 5 platform, which provided more advanced trading functions and superior tools for traders than ever. In the same year, FXDD expanded its market offerings to include cryptocurrencies (in addition to stocks, indices, forex pairs and more).

Just last year, the trading company obtained a license from the FSC in Mauritius, which allowed it to expand its horizon and offer more favorable trading conditions to clients. Throughout nearly two decades of operation, FXDD proves to stay at the forefront of cutting edge technology and the most advanced offerings in the global trading market. Proving to keep its customers’ success in mind, FXDD continues advancing its comprehensive platform to remain a global leader in forex trading.