FXDD Connects the World of Trading with Metatrader

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FXDD Connects the World of Trading with Metatrader 1 FXDD Connects the World of Trading with Metatrader 1

FXDD Connects the World of Trading with Metatrader



NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 10, 2019 /EbizNewswire.com/ — FXDD is an industry leader in international trade with millions of transactions processed and over 15 years in business. Through MetaTrader4, one of the worlds’ most popular trading platforms, FXDD simplifies trading through technology, integrated tools and around the clock support.

A multi-faceted platform, Metatrader4 is a robust tool for FX, CFDs, and single stock trading. FXDD believes in the early adoption of technology that benefits trading globally. With an international reputation, FXDD is proud to partner with companies that continually innovate the world of trade.

As one of the first brokers to adopt the Metatrader4 technology in 2006, FXDD has built the backbone of our software infrastructure with the ability to leverage the technological achievements of this platform. Software like MT4 allows FXDD to be leading experts throughout the United States and Europe.

Designing a platform with a specific knowledge base and the unique services to support the Metatrader4 platform and other products is why FXDD has continued to utilize this amazing technology. Together, this unites MQL5 application developers and traders around the globe. Inside of this complex technology is a commitment to creating a simplistic platform for all investors. FXDD continues to partner with companies that are connected to the largest financial institutions in the world.

In the spirit of technological advancements before us, FXDD pioneered bridge technology, that allows traders to access the foreign exchange market through Metatrader4, the link between the MT4 platform and liquidity providers, delivering an incredibly fluid execution, with concise executable spreads across a multitude of asset classes offered to every investor.

By bridging the gap between institutions and retail trading, FXDD is able to offer a wide array of products and spreads through the Metatrader4 platform, providing best in class access to the global markets on one of the world’s most popular and most trusted platforms.

This ensures a very reliable execution consistently with ease of use, all the while enabling automated trading strategies (Expert Advisors) on FXDD’s systems around theclock..

Trading should not be complicated, and with FXDD’s advanced bridge technology, deep knowledge of the Metatrader4 platform, simplicity, and peace of mind are available for all investors.
With a trusted platform spanning almost two decades and accepted by regulatory organizations across the world, MT4 is used by hundreds of thousands of traders worldwide.

To learn more about FXDD, Metatrader4 and how to start trading today, connect with FXDD here.