FXDD Educates Users on Critical Forex Topics with Trading Guide 2019

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FXDD’s Comprehensive Trading Guides Educate Users on Critical Forex Topics


The FXDD platform is a forex trading industry leader with a range of multi-asset offerings and exclusive resources that promote wiser investing for brokers. Apart from a user-friendly design, convenient online tools, and access to a dedicated customer service team, the platform delivers intricate trading guides that allow brokers to trade in confidence.


Trading in foreign exchange markets carries a high level of risk, but the superior educational resources provided through FXDD can help ease trading concerns. Brokers require access to quality research tools and trading resources for them to fully understand their assets and the available markets, which is where the FXDD platform excels above the competition. Apart from regularly updated market analyses for multi-asset offerings, the trading platform provides users with comprehensive forex trading guides to empower their performance.

On the FXDD website and through platform portals, users can access trading guides such as a Currency Pair Guide, Major Pairs Currency Guide, Cross Pairs Currency Guide, Emerging Market Currency Pairs Guide, and Commodity Pairs Currency Guide. In these online documents are dozens of pages detailing critical trading intel about forex markets and educational information that can be leveraged to trade more confidently.


Within the pages of the trading guides, users will find a dedicated entry for multiple pairs that include:


Information on the Currency Type:

At the top of the entry for each currency pair, trading guides supply FXDD users with shortened titles, full titles, and the country the specific currency belongs to.


Reports on High and Low Exchange Rates for Listed Currency Pair:

The guide lists out the high and the low exchange rate in number/decimal form to enlighten users on the performance of certain pairs against each other (helping users determine which might be a wiser investment).


Daily Average Movement in PIPs:

The point in percentage (PIP) listed in each entry is a measure of change for a currency pair, and its figure can be used to avoid huge losses for the FXDD user.


Correlating Pairs:

Listed here are the pairs that correlate and move relatively in the same direction with fluctuations, helping users understand which currencies will work best for group investment.


Pair Type:

This designates the currency type, which differs from classifications such as major, minor, and exotic among others.


Single Year Projection Graph:

Each entry comes with a graph that displays a currency’s performance across a single year in weekly increments. This helps acquaint users with a currency pairs’ likelihood to hold strong over a prolonged period.


Informative Paragraph:

Below the graph in each entry is a quick informative paragraph that details a few key components for each currency and gives insight into its world standing.


Supporting information is listed beneath the informative paragraph, which provides more info on the currencies such as country of origin, the central bank, nicknames, and the percent of average daily turnover.


It’s details such as these that leave FXDD undisputed as an industry leader and a model for other trading platforms to strive for. The world-renowned team behind FXDD has built up a wealth of trading knowledge to offer users only the most effective tools and channels for trading forex pairs and other assets.