Gabriel Btesh: A Panamanian Treasure

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Gabriel Btesh Gabriel Btesh

Panamanian native Gabriel Btesh has come a long way from childhood, but he’s never lost sight of his hopes and dreams for Panama’s future.


Gabriel Btesh’s Beginnings


Gabriel Btesh grew up in Panama. The child of a business owner (Jack Btesh), Gabriel was inspired by his father’s entrepreneurial spirit for as long as he could remember. “My father’s successes”, Btesh tells us, “are what drove me from an early age to achieve my own.”


Jack Btesh began his business in 1959, and although it was a far cry from the legacy he would eventually inspire, it was still an impressive endeavor in its own right. Jack Btesh’s company dealt in high-quality fabrics and clothing, among other luxurious high-end goods. Jack Btesh’s company operates to this day and is still a trusted source of high-quality name brands.


Gabriel Btesh received an education at Chamberlain University in the United States before returning to assist his father with the business. His time spent abroad imbued him with a new, international perspective, and he was determined to bring that perspective to the family business. Eventually, Gabriel Btesh would take over the business from his father, and usher in a new era of prosperity not just for the business, but also for the Panamanian people.


Raising the Bar


Gabriel Btesh was not satisfied with merely purveying goods, he wanted to change his community—and the lives of those who reside there—for the better. To that end, he began investing the company into other commercial branches. 


By investing the company into other industries, Gabriel was able to build a wealth of resources to meet his goals. It was finally through his investment in the real estate construction industry that Gabriel Btesh was able to begin directly impacting his community in a supremely positive way.


Providing a Better Quality of Life


The buildings that Gabriel Btesh helps build are specifically designed to improve the quality of life of Panamanian citizens. Taking a cue from his father, Gabriel Btesh utilizes exclusively high-quality materials in the building of his properties. This ensures the safety and longevity of the structures and also provides a sense of luxury for those who inhabit them. 


Just because the materials themselves are high quality doesn’t mean you’ll have to break the bank to live there, however. Gabriel Btesh has ensured that housing would be affordable for those who wish to live in the beautiful city of Panama. Affordable, luxurious housing is just one piece of the puzzle. Gabriel Btesh’s apartment buildings—of which he has built over twenty-four in the span of only twenty years—also include amenities that directly contribute to the residents’ physical and mental health. Gymnasiums, social centers, and more can be found free of charge to anyone living in one of these facilities. All Gabriel Btesh’s apartment buildings are created with families in mind, and this fact is obvious when you take into account the afore-mentioned amenities and affordability.


Another direct side-effect of this architectural boom is job creation. In just a ten year span, the building of these facilities required the creation of over ten thousand jobs. The money earned from these jobs is spent in Panama, directly feeding the local economy and providing an even better quality of life for all involved.  


“I have always loved Panama, and now I watch it grow into something even more beautiful every day”, Gabriel Btesh tells us, “I am proud to do everything in my power to continue helping the people of Panama live in the best possible conditions because they deserve no less.”