Gabriel Btesh Celebrates Wellness-focused Approach to Construction

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Gabriel Btesh Wellness focused Approach to Construction Gabriel Btesh Wellness focused Approach to Construction

Construction company boss Gabriel Btesh reflects on his 30-year drive to celebrate wellness and support well-being across Panama.


For more than 30 years, Gabriel Btesh has championed a wellness-focused approach to construction, intended to foster feelings of well-being and to drive improved standards of living throughout Panama City and across the nation. Three decades on, construction company owner Btesh provides a closer look at his ethical, socially conscious approach to doing business.


“I’m committed,” says Btesh, “to sourcing only the latest and highest quality materials and building supplies, particularly when it comes to our residential properties, many of which are tailored toward young and growing families.”


According to Btesh, it’s about creatively structuring modern and luxurious-feeling living spaces, yet in a cost-effective manner.


Furthermore, the construction company boss often goes one step further, implementing facilities designed to bolster standards of living and improve levels of well-being in these modern, carefully constructed properties.


“Wherever possible, I try to implement amenities such as gyms and social spaces, for example,” explains Btesh. Socializing and regular exercise are, he believes, both vital to supporting significantly increased feelings of well-being. “What’s more, exercise, in particular, has been widely demonstrated to support a positive and more relaxed outlook on life,” he adds.


Gabriel Btesh has already proved his ability to promote calm and to encourage feelings of well-being, with feedback on his wellness-focused approach to construction extensively documented online and in the press. “We’re helping people to combat and overcome an array of common health complaints, from low mood to reduced fitness,” he explains, “by improving standards of living, bolstering optimism and positive feelings, and by promoting the benefits of regular exercise and social activities.”


More recently, Btesh has also begun to include so-called creative areas in his projects and properties. “Creative expression,” he suggests, “is widely believed to support improved health and wellness across individuals of all ages.”


Elsewhere, Btesh is using his decades of construction industry experience to further promote a strengthened Panamanian economy, supporting thousands of jobs each year and helping to attract tourism and overseas business with projects such as Santa Maria Golf and Country Club.


“By supporting the positive cycle of funds across Panama’s economic landscape, I believe that I’m helping, in part, to sustain a flourishing economy,” he adds, wrapping up, “while also celebrating wellness, well-being, and better-than-ever standards of living from one end of the country to the other.”