Gabriel Btesh: Details About Some of His Proudest Works

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Gabriel Btesh Gabriel Btesh

Gabriel Btesh has been the mind behind some of Panama’s most impressive buildings.


When you picture Panama in your mind’s eye, a beautiful cityscape is at the forefront of most people’s mental image. Several of the buildings that make up this cityscape—in fact, some of the most impressive and aesthetically pleasing buildings—can be attributed to one Gabriel Btesh.


Gabriel Btesh has had a hand in many spectacular architectural wonders throughout Panama. These are just a handful of some of the majestic accomplishments Gabriel Btesh has been able to see through to completion.


The Waters On the Bay Luxury Boutique Apartment stands at 69 stories tall and offers a stunning view of the rest of Panama City. The ultra-modern interiors of the individual apartment living areas reflect the nature of the amenities, which Gabriel Btesh has ensured are all brand-new, including the washers, dryers, and gym equipment.


The Waters On the Bay boasts a full English-speaking staff, so Gabriel Btesh recommends travelers—whether on business or in Panama City for pleasure—take full advantage of the affordable luxury it can provide. Beyond all the aforementioned positives, Gabriel Btesh points out that The Waters On the Bay has been built in a prime location. As the name suggests, the apartments are a beachfront property, and within walking distance from shopping centers, a shuttle to and from the airport, and many fine dining options.


Gabriel Btesh also helped facilitate the creation of the Aqualina Tower (aka Torre Aqualina). The Aqualina Tower stands at 63 floors, and at 210 meters tall, isn’t just a tall building relative to Panama City: it’s the #19th tallest building in all of Central America. 


Another impressive spectacle that wouldn’t have been finished without the input of Gabriel Btesh is the Aquamare Tower. The Aquamare Tower stands at 54 stories and is located in the exclusive Punta Pacifica in the heart of the city. This prime location puts residents of the Aquamare Tower right near anything they could possibly want or need to help facilitate a healthy, active lifestyle. This includes a multitude of options for dining, a gym located in the tower itself, and malls nearby to help fulfill any other need you may have. 

The Aquamare Tower also retains one trademark of all buildings that Gabriel Btesh has had a part in creating: an amazing view. The Waters On The Bay sits facing the Pacific Ocean, granting a beautiful bird’s eye view of the waves as you survey the city. 


These are but a few of the many impressive projects that Gabriel Btesh has worked on. All the buildings previously mentioned were created with the absolute safest, environmentally friendly, and ethically sourced materials, in line with Gabriel Btesh’s philosophy that the final quality of a building is determined by the quality of the building blocks used to make it and the intentions behind it. 


About Gabriel Btesh

Gabriel Btesh’s projects are fueled by his goal to create a better living environment for the people of Panama. He takes pride in creating jobs, rejuvenating the local economy, and providing top-tier, state of the art modern living facilities for his community.