Gabriel Btesh discusses his construction industry highlights

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GABRIEL BTESH construction industry highlights GABRIEL BTESH construction industry highlights
A focus on the country’s prosperity and well-being has seen one Panama property developer forge a highly successful career in the industry.

Taking over the family construction and property development business, Gabriel Btesh has spent three decades working toward standards of living, well-being, and prosperity in the Republic of Panama through his highly determined professional efforts. From building affordable housing to the creation of much-needed construction industry jobs, Btesh has established an incredible legacy for himself, his family, and the business originally founded by his father, Jack.

In just the last ten years alone, Btesh estimates that his business has created over 10,000 new construction jobs. “At the same time, we’ve also striven tirelessly toward continually raising the bar for architectural integrity throughout the country,” he adds.

While Btesh is particularly proud of his efforts surrounding the construction of affordable housing for Panama’s young families, he’s also keen to highlight the positive effects of his retail and leisure industry projects. “While we’ve constructed thousands of homes, many for those in need, our non-residential projects have also gone on to create thousands of additional jobs and drive the country’s economy forward,” he explains.

“Take Santa Maria Golf & Country Club, for example,” says Btesh. “Developments like these, in and around Panama City and across the country, deliver new forms of entertainment, attracting tourists, and boosting the economy. Regions outside of the city which we’ve developed, with resorts, hotels and other forms of entertainment, have also become more desirable places to live.”

“These areas,” he continues, “are now attracting more affluent residents and helping to spread wealth and employment opportunities across the whole of the country. I’m incredibly proud to have had a hand in that.”

“Furthermore,” he suggests, “retail locations such as Mall Los Pueblos, another of our projects and now the most popular mall in Panama City, attract brands and stores, which require staff. Successful retail activity attracts further development, which subsequently opens up more and more employment opportunities.”

Btesh continues, “We’ve repeated the process and the cycle ever since, both in commercial and residential construction. I believe that, as a result, by securing the positive cycle of employees and growing bigger as a company, we’ve helped the economy here in Panama to flourish. What’s more, where individuals have jobs, they also have money to spend.”

“When these individuals spend their money,” he adds, wrapping up, “they’re putting those funds back into the economy, which is great for the country and for the future of Panama overall.”