Gabriel Btesh Explains Building Towards Saftey and Comfort

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Gabriel Btesh Gabriel Btesh

Gabriel Btesh details the steps he must take in order to provide the maximum quality of life for all residents of his buildings.


Gabriel Btesh knows that, when creating a new space for people to live, there are a few must-haves. Beyond the obvious needs anyone would have (access to water, sufficient space to store things, etc.), Gabriel Btesh believes that everyone should have the means to live their lives to the absolute fullest. This basic philosophy is reflected in the buildings he has helped make a reality.


The buildings include amenities like gymnasiums, social areas, and creative spaces for residents to enjoy. While these might not seem like necessities at first glance, Gabriel Btesh believes amenities such as these are essential to helping people grow, become healthy, and improve the well-being of their lives and of those around them.


Firstly, having a gym in your apartment building has some obvious benefits right off the bat. Everyone knows the more you’re able to exercise, the healthier you’ll feel. But, Gabriel Btesh points out, having access to a gym in the same building that you live is lightyears more convenient than having to make the trek to a separate place—especially if you’ve just completed a long, hard day of work.


As such, residents of Gabriel Btesh’s buildings are far more likely to actually bite the bullet and head to the gym for a workout, enhancing their personal health and being able to feel good while doing it. Another benefit of having gym facilities available to you day and night: there’s no longer any need to spend money on a monthly gym membership elsewhere. 


The money saved by not being required to spend extra on a gym membership is obviously beneficial to the individual for obvious reasons: no one’s ever been upset about saving money! However, Gabriel Btesh explains, there’s a secondary benefit hidden under the surface level. That extra money saved becomes spending money that gets reintroduced to Panama City through shopping, further bolstering the Panamanian economy.


Speaking on the Panamanian economy, Gabriel Btesh points out that with every construction job he is responsible for, thousands of local jobs are created. This speaks to the core of the goals that are being pursued: with every action taken, there are added benefits for all citizens of Panama City.  


Those construction workers, according to Gabriel Btesh, are using utilizing only the highest-quality materials in order to ensure the maximum level of safety for all who reside within. These buildings require approval by the fire department and are built to seismic standards despite not being located in a seismic zone. With this knowledge, residents can rest easy knowing that if Gabriel Btesh had his hands on a project, they can expect top-quality comfort and safety.