Gabriel Btesh explains professional commitment to national levels of well-being

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GABRIEL BTESH professional commitment to national levels of well being GABRIEL BTESH professional commitment to national levels of well being

Panama construction industry mogul Gabriel Btesh shares the importance of well-being for the country and its citizens.

Today at the head of the successful construction firm originally established by his father, respected building and property development sector professional Gabriel Btesh shares his philosophy and goals surrounding levels of well-being in the metropolitan area of Panama City and across the Central and South American Republic of Panama.

“Put most simply, well-being means that individuals perceive that their lives are going well,” explains Btesh, “driven by good living conditions, in particular, and ultimately tied most closely to both housing and employment.”

According to the construction firm boss, well-being is associated with many benefits, both on an individual and a nationwide level and scale. “Health, job, and family-related benefits,” he suggests, “as well as economically-related advantages are all associated with higher levels of well-being.”

As such, Btesh has long remained committed to fostering improved levels of well-being in Panama, both in the country’s capital city where his successful construction company is based and throughout the Central and South American nation. His approach, he says, is two-fold. “Within many of our residential construction projects, for example,” suggests Btesh, “I’ve ensured that a range of health and wellness-focused facilities and spaces are included.”

From gyms and workout areas to creative spaces, regularly exercising, socializing, and demonstrating creativity have all been proven to foster improved standards of both physical and mental well-being. “Secondly, meanwhile,” Btesh goes on, “my company and I continue to actively support thousands of jobs in Panama, both directly and indirectly.”

Directly, Panama City native Gabriel Btesh estimates that his business has directly created more than 10,000 construction sector jobs in the last decade alone. Furthermore, he also goes on to point out how his company’s leisure, retail, and entertainment sector projects have indirectly created many thousands more jobs during the same period.

“Across a variety of different industries, projects such as Mall Los Pueblos and Santa Maria Golf & Country Club have created a vast number of additional employment opportunities for those seeking work,” explains Btesh of two of his firm’s most well-known construction efforts. “This is particularly important as employment and regular income are closely tied to improved well-being alongside excellent living conditions – two aspects of life in Panama which I’m dedicated to continually improving across the board,” he adds, wrapping up.

First establishing himself within Panama’s construction business more than 30 years ago, Gabriel Btesh today heads up one of the nation’s most successful and well-respected building and property development companies. Btesh remains a prominent figure among fellow professionals and other senior members of the industry and regularly speaks out on topics including architectural integrity, standards of living, well-being, employment, and the economy.