Gabriel Btesh Highlights His Successes In Panama’s Construction Sector

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Gabriel Btesh Highlights His Successes In Panama’s Construction Sector

Gabriel Btesh – Panama

Since starting his construction industry career in the 1980s. Gabriel Btesh has enjoyed over 30 years of success. Continuously striving to drive forward innovative and otherwise new approaches to working within the sector. Now responsible for his family’s successful nationwide construction business, Btesh and his team have not only raised the bar for architectural integrity in Panama but have helped to bolster the country’s economy while simultaneously championing new ideas surrounding standards of living and well-being in the Central and South American nation.


“I promised myself early on in my career that I would strive to support not only my immediate family. Moreso the people of Panama and the country as a whole.”. Gabriel Btesh has subsequently made it his mission for over three decades to continue fueling changes. Focusing on the construction industry’s best practices and modern standards of living.


Not only has Gabriel Btesh succeeded in raising the bar for architectural integrity across Panama since taking over the business from his father, Jack Btesh, he and his family’s company have also directly created tens of thousands of jobs in construction across the country.


“What’s more,” he adds, “through the construction of projects such as Mall Los Pueblos and Santa Maria Golf & Country Club in Panama City, we’ve helped to indirectly support many thousands of further jobs in retail, entertainment, and leisure industry roles.”


Construction company owner Gabriel Btesh reflects on 30 years of industry success.

Of the job creation afforded by his company’s construction efforts, Gabriel Btesh explains how this is positively benefiting the economy in Panama, saying that where money is being regularly earned, it’s also being spent. “This is excellent for a growing economy, as money begins to circulate in a positive and accumulative manner,” he adds.


In addition to this, through projects such as Santa Maria Golf & Country Club, by delivering new forms of entertainment, the country is bringing in tourists on a scale never before seen in Panama, further boosting the economy. Such developments says Gabriel Btesh, also make the immediate vicinity and surrounding areas more desirable places to live. Attracting new, often affluent residents, and additional employment opportunities across the nation.


Gabriel Btesh adds, wrapping up. “We’re facilitating the strengthening of the economy. I hope, helping to build a better future for the Republic of Panama.”